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Hundreds gathered in Chicano Park this week for a rally and march through downtown San Diego to call for an end to family separations, the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and to cancel the implementation of Operation Streamline.

Honoring leaders is just one part of the motivation behind the exhibit for Villegas, who also emphasizes the need to teach the local history of Chicano Park and Logan Heights.

Por Mario A. Cortez – Como alguien quien buscaba obras de arte que se parecieran a ella, la artista chicana Irma Patricia Aguayo ha llevado su andar creativo desde los 14 años de edad, cuando comenzó a pintar a quienes estaban a su alrededor.

By Mario A. Cortez – As someone who sought art that looked like her and her surroundings, Chicana artist Irma Patricia Aguayo has been on her own path of creation since she was 14 years old, with her earliest work taking the form of the people around her.

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