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‘Smart City’ Center Opens in Chula Vista

By Mario A. Cortez

Chula Vista Public Library

Children in the South Bay now have a place to learn about energy efficiency and other topics to help them avoid habits such as “masters of disaster.”

Leaders from the City of Chula Vista, the Chula Vista Elementary School District, and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) revealed Smart City, an educational space in which children can learn about renewable energy and conservation, this at the main Branch of the Chula Vista Library.

This educational space, funded by SDG&E is comprised of a set of murals that depict children engaging in common practices, which are not energetically friendly, such as leaving video game consoles on to go play outside or leaving phone chargers plugged when not in use.

The installation’s manga-style murals span an entire library hallway and are part of learning activities. Visitors to this space can fill out an activity guide, which will guide them through day-to-day choices related to energy efficiency. Visitors can also engage in a Monopoly-like game in which participants are rewarded by improving the energy efficiency of a house being built in-game.

There is a selfie station at the end of the exhibit, featuring Chula Vista’s landmark Third Avenue arch, to mark the end of the journey towards leaving behind bad energy habits and becoming “masters of sustainability.”

In order to complement the activities, a curriculum for teachers has also been developed in order to further educate children about electricity-related subjects.

Smart City will join the library’s already-existing Energy Lounge, also funded by SDG&E, which allows city residents to check out books, internet hot spots and LED lights, in addition to more devices and tools.

Through a press release emitted by SDG&E, Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas expressed great approval at the opening of Smart City.

“Our flagship library just keeps getting better,” Salas said. “This innovative new Smart City program allows us to showcase the important work we’ve been doing to provide a learning space that aims to inspire local residents, young and old, to master energy efficiency and sustainability.”

Smart City is located in the basement of the Chula Vista Library’s central branch. Innovation Station, a community lab space specializing in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, is also located in the library’s lowermost level.

The Chula Vista Public Library’s main branch is located at 365 F Street.

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