Muralist “Pigmento” Takes his Canvas and Merch to Cereus Bar in Tijuana

Public event will be at 2pm on April 30th

By Roxana Becerril

If you would’ve asked Alexis Sámano, a Rosarito, Baja California native, where he saw himself in a few years during his undergraduate studies in mechatronic engineering, his answer might’ve been far from his present reality. 

Fast forward to today, Sámano has changed his career path, painting over 400 murals all over Mexico in just four years while making a name for himself as a renowned Mexican muralist better known as “Pigmento.” 

What started off as making sketches in high school and then winning art contests in college, Pigmento’s eye for art grew gradually. In 2018, he decided to end his studies at CETYS University and started knocking on doors to spread the word about his craft.

After winning the 2018 Comex Trends college art contest among thousands of participants in Tijuana, Baja California, Pigmento found not only confidence but his calling as an artist. 

He took to local coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses in Tijuana and Rosarito to pitch his services as a muralist. With time, his following grew, both through word-of-mouth and online, helping him reach over 14 thousand followers on Instagram. In 2019, he was invited and commissioned to paint at the prestigious Mexican department store of El Palacio de Hierro in Guadalajara, Puebla, and Mexico City. He says he hasn’t stopped painting ever since.

“These are the blessings that I’ve been able to experience and the impulse I have to live and paint,” Pigmento said about being asked to create art all over Mexico. 

Now, he only works on commissioned projects, taking his paint brushes and painting partner, Raúl Pérez, to places like coffee shop Pangea Café and working with big name brands like Liverpool and Swarovski México.  

When it comes to his projects, Pigmento has a simple way of bringing his clients’ requests to life. He says he first listens to their ideas, absorbs his clients’ perspectives and then drafts a first copy of the mural on paper. With his creative freedom, ever-changing style and attention to color schemes, Pigmento creates something that respects both the clients’ needs and his own unique vision. 

“I like to listen to people and take those dreams and emotions to a mural,” he said, “I’m like a medium for depicting the ideas of others.” 

And while he takes a lot of his inspiration from commissioners’ wishes, he leaves the rest up to his own discretion. Sometimes his murals follow a continuous line format, creating different shapes with one never-ending line, while other occasions call for varied styles. He says creating something completely original is not possible but making something authentic is.  

Hence the small but thoughtful motifs included in his murals like the name of his sister at the bathrooms he painted for Oryx Capital and the word “mum” at a dentist’s office in dedication to his mother, who suffered from dental issues in the past. 

In the hopes of sharing his work and passion with his Tijuana community, Pigmento recently joined forces with the neighborhood favorite Cereus Bar in Tijuana’s Estación Federal to host a pop-up event where he’ll be selling merchandise including hats and t-shirts, and raffling a painting.

Free and open to the public, the event will take place on Saturday, April 30, starting at 2 p.m. Pigmento invites his supporters and art enthusiasts alike to join him on this occasion, where cocktails will be flowing and the beats of a DJ’s set list will fill the atmosphere. 

Cereus Bar is located at Estación Federal: José María Larroque 271, Empleados Federales, 22010.

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