Twins in Twain Exhibition Opens San Ysidro and Tijuana

September 2, 2011

Art exhibit reaches across border, creates link between San Diego & Tijuana Art Spaces

   The Front, San Diego’s southernmost visual art space has teamed up with the 2011 San Diego Art Fair and Tijuana’s La Casa del Tunel, to bring you what promises to be one of the most unique art exhibits you will ever attend. The exhibit is called Twins in Twain: Agreed Invisible Tethers Between Strangers and it involves 20 artists, 10 residing in San Diego and 10 in Tijuana.

   A type of experimental performance of visual art, commerce, and technology, the opening night will take place simultaneously at The Front, 147 W. San Ysidro Blvd San Ysidro, CA 92173 and La Casa del Tunel, Calle Chapo Márquez 133, in the Colonia Federal neighborhood of Tijuana, on Saturday Sept 3rd 2011 from 5-10pm. Each event will be shown at the other space through live video conferencing.

   Twins in Twain: Agreed Invisible Tethers Between Strangers, is a new work by Omar Lopez conceptualized specifically for Casa Familiar’s ArtLabs Proposal for the 2011 SD Art Fair. It explores the unique dynamic San Diego has with Tijuana, and Tijuana with San Diego. People that may live a 20-minute drive from each other, are unaware of each other’s unique experiences, particular lifestyles and day-to-day challenges, yet they are aware, on some levels, of each other’s existence.

   Guests at either of the two art spaces will be able to indulge in a visual art exhibit, featuring the collection of t-shirts created by the 20 artists. Because the concept for this exhibit involves creating bonds through commerce, the t-shirts will be sold in an experimental auction setting, simultaneously at both spaces that evening. Guests are encouraged to attend the exhibits on both sides of the border, but those that choose not to, will be able to experience the other show through live video conferencing. Edibles, drinkables and musical beats will complete an already exquisite night! Admission is free and all are welcome!

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