ENDORSEMENT: Rudy Ramirez for Mayor of Chula Vista

Leadership of the second-largest city in the county is up for election next week, and voters have a chance to choose a mayor with the experience and vision to make the tough decisions to put its finances and future back on track: former Councilman Rudy Ramirez. 

Ramirez is one of six candidates running for mayor of Chula Vista but has the most experience and best track record for what the City needs right now. 

First elected in 2006 then re-elected in 2010, Ramirez helped guide the City through the 2008 economic turn down that forced the City to tighten its belt to protect critical public services and quality of life for our residents.

Rudy being sworn-in by his daughter

He joined then-Mayor Cheryl Cox and his other Council colleagues in making the tough decisions that had to be made to keep the City in strong financial standing. 

Ramirez was on the City Council when the first approval for the Chula Vista bayfront was passed and when the City acquired the property in Eastlake for a future University; two projects all the candidates running for office now support.

He knows how to work across the political spectrum and bring people together for the City’s common good. 

That’s why Republican Cheryl Cox and her husband, Greg Cox, as well as Democrats Pamela Bensoussan, Mitch Thompson, and Pat Aguilar all endorse Rudy Ramirez. 

But now, more than ten years after Ramirez left the City Council to continue managing his own small business, the City is again facing budget deficits that its own projections show will last for the next nine years. 

Current Councilmembers Jill Galvez and John McCann have been in control while the City has fallen back into tough financial times, yet they both say they will help lead the City to a brighter future. 

The City’s current long-term financial projections show budget deficits ranging from -$1.5 million in 2025 up to -$12 million in 2031, even without an economic downturn. 

McCann, for his part, has been especially disappointing in taking nearly $100,000 in contributions from developer and business owners with interests before the City to repay himself legal costs he incurred in filing a frivolous lawsuit. McCann has served on the City Council for a total of 16 years, and today the City is in worse financial shape. 

And both Galvez and McCann allowed trash to pile up around the City for a month in January after Republic Services workers went on strike when the City should have enforced the provisions of their franchise agreement that would have either forced the company to fully comply or would have fined them over $70 million.

Perennial candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar is in his third race for office in 5 years, but has never served in elected office, an appointed board, or even sat through a full City Council meeting in Chula Vista to get a real-life understanding of the issues facing the City. His shifting positions on issues and refusal to denounce misleading campaign tactics by his supporters are concerning.

First-time candidate Zaneta Encarncion has been active in the community and brings a real commitment to service, but she lacks the experience to lead the City on Day One having never served in public office at any level. 

And lastly, retired Army helicopter pilot Spencer Cash has experience running military units, but lacks the understanding of the complexities of balancing the City’s political and financial needs.

Rudy grew up in Chula Vista, attended public schools, and returned after college to raise his family here. He is a long-time small business owner and neighbor, and has the highest percentage of campaign contributions raised from Chula Vista residents than any of the other candidates.

Rudy Ramirez is the right candidate at the right time. He has the proven experience, grasp of the issues, and vision for the City’s future to drive home the development of the Bayfront, finally break ground on a university, and support critical public safety services to keep our families safe. 

As a truly bilingual, bicultural native Chula Vistan, Rudy Ramirez knows the importance –and opportunities– our proximity to Mexico can provide for increased job opportunities and economic growth by working with transborder businesses and our political allies south of the border.

This election will be crucial in plotting a clear path for Chula Vista’s future. Rudy Ramirez is the best candidate to guide us toward the security, growth, and prosperity our families deserve.

We trust Rudy Ramirez will be a great Mayor of Chula Vista.

Join us in supporting Rudy Ramirez for Mayor. 

One comment on “ENDORSEMENT: Rudy Ramirez for Mayor of Chula Vista

Mitch Thompson

I served on the City Council with Ramirez in 2010. I know first-hand the leadership he would bring to the City if elected Mayor. He is the right person to lead our city at this time. I strongly support a vote for Rudy Ramirez as the next mayor of Chula Vista.

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