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Chula Vista Tourism Campaign Returns

By Mario A. Cortez

As part of its second phase of advertising, billboards and other promotional materials highlighting tourism in Chula Vista will soon be making a comeback throughout San Diego County.

The 2018 “THIS is Chula” campaign consists of billboards, advertisements on MTS bus shelters along highly transited bus lines in the City Heights and Normal Heights areas, branded social media content, and dynamic online videos.

The first phase of the campaign, launched in 2017, was launched with the intent of increasing local awareness of Chula Vista and it’s attractions, as well as dispelling misconceptions about this South Bay city.

The second phase of “THIS is Chula” goes further into the City by highlighting recreational activities, dining, and Chula Vista’s natural beauty through images of the bayfront and the eastern end’s hiking trails.

The start of this new phase of advertisements was announced on May 8, as part of Chula Vista Mayor Mary Casillas Salas’ fourth annual State of the City address.

During the ceremony, Casillas Salas showed off a new video highlighting action shots of the Chula Vista Elite Training Center, people having drinks in the Third Avenue Village district, people enjoying local parks, and more.

Through a press release, the City’s communications department states that the campaign’s content celebrates aspects related to “beauty,” such as “The beauty of discovery,” “The beauty of community,” “The beauty of learning,” and “The beauty of innovation.”

Chula Vista’s tourism campaign page,, has also been updated to reflect the new “beauty of” branding and phase two campaign images.

The site also contains information about where to shop, dine, and find activities such as arts, music, sports, and more.

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