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Christmas for Homeless Children

By Marinee Zavala

Over a hundred homeless children in San Diego enjoyed a celebration many thought they would not be able to celebrate.
On Thursday, December 8, 150 children received early Christmas presents. The celebration took place at the Joan Kroc Center, located on  Imperial Avenue in San Diego.
There, the excitement of the holidays took replaced the gloom and difficulties of everyday life on the streets, which according to Father Joe’s Villages volunteers, was not only visible among the kids, but also among parents.
“Many of these children do not have the possibility of having a present or being with their loved ones during Christmas. This is something very special,” said Aly Faucett, a volunteer at Father Joe’s Villages. “You can see excitement and joy.”
In San Diego County, over 8,700 homeless people rely on the goodwill of the community.
The holiday season are often difficult times for the homeless, so events like this bring the joy of the season those in attendance.
The children’s excitement lasted into the rest of Thursday afternoon. The children made a tour of the Old Town area where everyone could experience the magic of the season.
For Father Joe’s Villages, this event, along with another one to be celebrated on  December 10, create an opportunity for hundreds of families to have moments of cheer, which contrast with their constant challenge to survive the elements and insecurity.
Father Joe’s Villages offers more than 3,000 meals daily and assists 1,800 homeless in the city of San Diego, from toddlers to elderly veterans. During the Holidays, Father Joe’s Villages carries out many acts of goodwill, such as as this early Christmas, for where for two days these children got to enjoy the holidays.

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