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Chula Vista Councilman John McCann ran afoul of state law by improperly abstaining from voting on a developer’s project amendments after receiving a $10,000 contribution from the company.

Email reveals previous owner may still have ownership in the building in violation of the City’s Charter and City Attorney Mara Elliott may have known since last December but didn’t disclosed it.

Group won its case and nearly $90,000 in legal fees against the City of San Diego related to the City Attorney’s failed attempt to amend state laws to make it more difficult for the public and media to access public records.

City Attorney’s office admits “forensic analysis” presented to the public as an independent report was an internal document edited by her office to withhold potentially damaging and embarrassing information, but Elliott lays the blame on Mayor Faulconer and the 2020 City Council for misleading the public about details removed from the report.

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