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We believe Cory Briggs will fight for the public, defend taxpayers, and provide clear-eyed advice to the members of the City Council BEFORE they make decisions that could end up costing even more in the long run.

Honest, Experienced, & Focused. In this election, we believe Barbara Bry will better lead our city into a brighter and more prosperous future for all San Diegans.

By Herman Baca: Fifty years later, I can still vividly remember what happened to me personally and politically in Los Angeles on August 29, 1970. At the time, I was 27 years old, today I’m 77.

Por la Senadora Toni Atkins: El Censo es la única forma en que podemos determinar la verdadera definición de Estados Unidos, ya sea que viva en las ciudades metropolitanas más grandes o millas a lo largo de rutas rurales.

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