Varrio Logan: Final Mural Revitalized in Chicano Park Mural Restoration Project’s Phase One


Victor Ochoa (left) and Hector Villegas congratulate each other on the successful revitalization of Varrio Logan. Photo credit: David Avalos

Lead Artist/Coordinator: Victor Ochoa. Team Members: Hector Villegas, Stephanie Cervantes, David Ortiz and Original Artists Eddie Galindo and Juanillo Luna. Specifications: Acryloid b-72, consolidator and sealer, Novacolor acrylics, and Permashield graffiti barrier.

By David Avalos

    Eddie Galindo speaks about Logan Heights in terms of barrio virtues such as honor, respect, loyalty and love. Victor Ochoa sees the Varrio Logan mural as a symbol of “orgullo de la communidad”  (pride of our community). In 1978 they both worked on the original mural, an expression of pride, honor and respect reflecting the organized efforts taking place at the time. One such effort, the Chicano Federation’s Barrio Renovation Team, repaired and upgraded the neighborhood homes of low-income families. Members of the team painted the original mural. Juanillo Luna worked on it both then and now.

    Galindo also talks about the mural’s barrio aesthetics, the graffiti-inspired block letters and the central figure of a peacock based on a popular Chicano tattoo. Young Stephanie Cervantez contributed her artistic vision to the mural’s revitalization by transforming the original graphic version of the peacock’s tail feathers into a beautifully meticulous painterly version.

    For Hector Villegas barrio virtues are the positive foundation for his expanding self-awareness as he follows “el camino rojo” (the red road) acquiring the knowledge and practice that forms his indigenous identity and connects him to other native communities throughout the hemisphere. He sees the revitalized mural as a proud community standard, as well as a welcoming sign to the thousands of visitors from throughout the world who come to admire Chicano Park murals’ relationship to community life.

    Victor Ochoa reminds us that Chicano Park was established by efforts of people throughout the region. He sees Varrio Logan’s community pride as a virtue shared with other neighborhoods and wants Chicano Park to serve as “a unifying effort for today’s youth and for future generations in Barrios Unidos.”

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