Undocumented Worker

60-Foot Mural Completed

Chicano Park Murals Restoration Continues

Artist: Michael Schnorr

Restoration Crew Coordinator: Todd Stands.Crew: Jesmiel Rivera, Carl Nowotny, Grisel Márquez, Carolina Rodríguez, Susan Yamagata. Specifications: Liquitex on original mural, Acryloid B-72 consolidator/sealer, Permashield graffiti barrier

Intended to be read from the bottom up, the mural is a contemporary symbolic story: helicopters search for the undocumented who blend in as part of the landscape while walls and barbed wire await, and symbolic monsters swallow the unwary. Finally we are reminded that even the stars are not out of reach as a triumphant worker representing the global migrant labor force smashes the barriers between people and nations.

Below: Todd Stands directs attention upward to the resplendent Undocumented Worker. On scaffolding on left Stephanie Cervantes continues repainting the Varrio Logan peacock, while Gail Pérez speaks with Felipe Adame about her project to videotape the oral histories of the Restoration artists.

All photographs David Avalos

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