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Valentine’s Day Brunch at Montesanto

February 10, 2017

By Mario A. Cortez 2-5-17 vito di stefano_-47

Featuring all the vibrant and colors and flavors of Mexico, Montesanto is serving up a much needed fresh, authentic, and modern take on Mexican food in San Diego’s Old Town.

Montesanto’s cozy dining space is tastefully decorated with traditional crafts: striking Mexican tilework in cool hues of blue line the floor, bewitching black clay ornaments from the state of Michoacan dot the colorful walls while alebrije idols from the state of Oaxaca look out from across from the corners of the eatery. Despite being so traditionally Mexican in its decor, there is definitely a contemporary vibe to Montesanto’s dining room.

Without straying from neither modern dining, nor authentic Mexican fare, Montesanto’s menu features Mexican staples such as tacos, quesadillas and seafood, while also incorporating foods from central Mexico such as chiles rellenos, alambres, and sopes.

However, this Valentine’s day, Montesanto will be featuring a special brunch menu to mark the occasion. The menu will feature classic breakfast staples such as chilaquiles and perennial favorites like enchiladas. Special Valentine’s Day menu items such as a mole rosa and postre de moras will be available in addition to an already robust menu you can enjoy in the company of your friends or a special someone.

Montesanto is located on 2415 San Diego Avenue in Old Town.

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