San Ysidro Community Celebrates Thanksgiving

November 16, 2017

By Ana Gomez Salcido

Over a thousand San Ysidro residents celebrated Thanksgiving a week early this year on Thursday, Nov. 16.

The community gathered at Casa Familiar’s 28th annual Thanksgiving Dinner to enjoy a meal featuring turkey, mashed potatoes, and other traditional sides and dishes.

“This is an important event for San Ysidro because the community spirit starts here and we gave thanks for everything we have,” said Lisa Cuestas, CEO of Casa Familiar to La Prensa San Diego. “There is a beautiful community in San Ysidro that is very involved in programs, activities and in the civic duty in a way that keeps improving the area.”

Cuestas also stated that Casa Familiar celebrates the annual dinner to give thanks to the community that participates in this community-based organization and for lending a helping hand whenever there is a need in San Ysidro.

To accommodate diners, guests were divided in three different dinner sessions at the San Ysidro Civic Center. All guests received their free-ticket from Casa Familiar staff before Thursday.

Dinner was served by dozens of community leaders, including policemen from the Southern Division of the San Diego Police Department.

“My wife and I participate as volunteers in this and other community events,” said Antonio Moran, who has been a volunteer for over 25 years at this Thanksgiving event. “We like being volunteers, specially here with Casa Familiar because they take a lot of care of the community.”

“I participate as a volunteer to be part of the community. They served good food here, and we get to know a lot of people,” Moran added.

The guests also enjoyed entertainment which included dancing and contests.

“This was a wonderful event, the food was great as well as the whole party,” said one of the guests, Ernesto Perez. “We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving next week also with the whole family, with the traditional dishes, and even with tamales.”

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