Beware the Ides of March, beware the backlash

January 15, 2010

Local fight fans set to boycott upcoming Pacquiao, and Mayweather bouts

By Steve Galindo III

Word on the street is that local fight fans are going to be channeling their inner Cesar Chavez come March 13. Upset with the recent cancellation of what was to be the mega fight between superstars Manny Pacquiao, and Floyd Mayweather Jr., fight fans are planning to boycott the two fighters’ next bouts which coincidentally is set to take place on the same day.  After weeks, and weeks of negotiations, finger pointing, and more drama than a Mexican Soap Opera we were all led to believe that the fight between boxing’s two best pound-for-pound fighters would take place on March 13, at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. When all talks came to a halt last week after a failed mediation in Santa Monica, many fans were left scratching their heads wondering how something so minute as drug testing could jeopardize what was to be the richest fight in boxing history.

The promoters behind it all, Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions added more salt to the wound this week when they announced that both Pacquiao, and Mayweather would be fighting on the same night, (March 13) but on separate cards, with Manny Pacquiao taking on Ghana’s Joshua Clottey, and Mayweather taking on an opponent to be determined later. The promoters then announced that both bouts would be shown on pay-per-view- which means that fans will have to shell out roughly around $100 bucks to see both superstars fight in matches in which they will be heavily favored.

Instead of trying to understand it, or make sense of it all, many fans are feeling hoodwinked, bamboozled and in the words of President Obama, the fans are telling promoters “the buck stops with me.” What began as internet chatter has taken to the streets. I’ve spoken with people in the last couple of days, from Prison guards- to auto mechanics, who are all saying no más, and they are planning to participate in the boycott. Some are even going as far as starting up face book pages urging fellow fans not to buy the proposed pay-per-view bouts.

Depending on what side of the fence you are on, you can’t really blame these fans. After all, these are the same people who in spite of the current economical conditions gave so much to the sport last year. They are the same people that showed up in record numbers to see Shane Mosley take on Antonio Margarito at the Staples Center, and the same people that helped Mayweather, and Pacquiao surpass one million pay-per-views.

· Rumor has it that Antonio Margarito will return to face Jr. middleweight Carson Jones on the undercard of the Pacquiao-Clottey bout.

Tijuana’s Burgos headlines ESPN’s Friday Night Fight’s

Juan Carlos Burgos, 23-0 with 16 knockouts, of Tijuana, Mexico, will defend the WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) featherweight title against Juan Carlos Martinez, 15-10-1 with 5 knockouts, of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The 22 year-old Burgos is a five-year pro – he made his debut at 16 in Mexico. The young contender was born into boxing – his father was an amateur boxer and his uncle is the former IBF junior flyweight world champion Victor Burgos. Juan Carlos has given consistently impressive performances and climbed in the world rankings – he is currently ranked No. 2 in the world by the WBC and No. 14 by the WBO at 126 pounds Martinez, now 28 years old, is a six-year professional veteran. He is coming off one of his career-best wins in his last fight on September 26, 2009, an upset 10 round unanimous decision against hometown favorite Jose Hernandez (22-4) in Chicago. Martinez is experienced against very good opposition and has gone the distance against WBC interim lightweight world champion Antonio De Marco and former WBC featherweight world champion Guty Espadas. The main event, and other selected fights will be televised live on ESPN2, ESPN Deportes, their Spanish-Language Network, and ESPN 


Fox Sports en Español and Top Rank announced the launch of an exciting new boxing series – “Top Rank Live.”  The heavy-hitting two-hour broadcast will air live on Fox Sports en Español on Saturdays, three times per month, beginning at 10 p.m. EST.  Adding to the excitement and authenticity of this new series, at least one show per month will originate directly from Mexico.  The series will debut on Saturday, January 16, 2010, live from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas with the 10 Round Welterweight Title fight between Vanes Martirosyan and Kassim Ouma former world champions, world-class contenders, and up-and-coming prospects are scheduled to appear in future shows.

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25 Responses to “Beware the Ides of March, beware the backlash”

  1. Unamed source Says:

    One thing for sure is that mayweather is not fighting on march 13. this is probably made up by the mayweather’s and golden boy. you love? you’ll watch boxing…

  2. Azyd Says:

    Floyd is a proven drug user – Xylocaine a drug to remove pain in (broken) fist and the punches received of course! the guy had the audacity to accuse Manny of drug use but he is quilty as HELL! oh, yes he also cheated Juan Manuel Marquez by coming overweight over agreed weight limit, geniune cheater, what a bummer!

    Besides Manny is willing to do a blood test RIGHT AFTER the fight so if there is something fishy it will definitely show up but Floyd is just scared anyways…..let him pick Adam Lambert of American Idol he will suit him just fine.

  3. hbstowe Says:

    hahahahaha. your on your own ISE……..

  4. ramborge Says:

    i don’t care! all i cared is to watch pacquiao-clottey this is more exciting than pacquiao-mayweather believe me!

  5. jepoiikins Says:

    fans to boycott their both fights?lol…ur talking about the same ppv buyers that wasnt a fan of boxing until now. dude, like WWE, this is reality show @ its best! fans take side, even up toe point of tring not to be biased but come gametime, anxiety kicks in, and with just a few clicks away with the remote…ppv order just went through. u say ‘FANS’ will boycott these fights? then theyre not really fans, just a couple of ignorant pricks who gets excited when a reporter asks for their opinions.

  6. jim paredes Says:

    if ever gayweather would fight on march 13 altogether with great pacquiao he would be disappointed because no one is wasting money to watch a boring fight,,,,,,viva clottey you hit the lottery jackpot with the pacman,,,legacy don’t pay bills,gayweather said

  7. Wacky Jabber Says:

    Steve, why are you afraid to take sides? Why sit on the fence? Why blame both sides when only one side has thrown a monkey wrench at the negotiations? For me, Mayweather never intended to fight Pacquiao (he is just too scared of the guy although he will never admit it) and just wanted publicity to remain relevant until he can get another small guy to agree to bloat up and fight him. Therefore, only Mayweather’s boring matches should be boycotted. The fans you interviewed had said their piece. Do you agree with them? Please let us know.

  8. Calvin Says:

    Wow, this writer thinks that he had all the facts right. Boycott upcoming Pacquiao and Mayweather fights? … I don’t think so … where did this writer get this idea? … I’ve been following this fight since right after the Cotto fight but there’s no solid group of boxing fans who ask to boycott the fights on March 13. Boxing fans are either for Pacquiao or Mayweather … the question is, who will win the PPV’s … but not to boycott the fights. I think this article is just a ploy by the Mayweather’s because they know they can’t compete with Pacquiao and they want the boxing fans to think that no one will support the fight on March 13 – to level the playing field (so to speak). Well to this writer, sorry for you. THE BOXING FANS ARE ALL ALIVE AND WILL BE ALL OUT TO SUPPORT THEIR OWN FIGHTERS BOTH PACQUIAO AND MAYWEATHER – ALL BOXING FANS, DON’T LISTEN TO THIS CRAP ARTICLE.

  9. Huna Says:

    I guarantee you this fight will do over 800,000 buys especially if its true that Margarito and Jose Louis Castillo appear on the Undercard.
    I have everyone of Pacman’s Fights on DVD and he is the face of Boxing becaue HE BRINGS IT!!! Ever since his introduction in the USA in 2001 he entered the Boxing world like a Bull in a CHina Shop and even PO’d fans will relent and watch him on March 13, because unlike FLOYD’s events, Pacquiao’s fights are always a Barn Burner. and in the end Boxing is entertainment and no boxer has delivered more consistently in the Past Decade than Manny Destroyer (early decade) Pacman (late decade) Pacquiao.

  10. manuel Says:

    I will watch paq fights. it is always exciting. he doesnt stop boxing even if he is already way ahead in points. he goes for the kill always

  11. Benny Says:

    Hey pendejo your still upset with Manny for whipping Marquez, Morales, and Barerra? Floyd Mayweather Jr. never really intended to fight Pacquiao! This whole drugtesting issue was his excuse not to fight Pacquiao, the guy has no cojones maldita!

  12. Pogsman Says:

    I have searched the web looking for articles regarding fans’ efforts to boycott Manny Pacquiao’s fights but could not find any. However, I found a page on Facebook called “Boycott Floyd Mayweather Jr. until he fights Manny Pacquiao!”. And I think this tging is about to go viral. Please let me know the websites or Blog Spots that show a concerted call to boycott Pacquiao. I would like to compare this with the Boycott Mayweather Facebook page.

  13. Will watch pacquiao Says:

    No boycott here. I fully support Pacquiao with his decision not to fight Mayweather. I do not care if they ever fight. Floyd is a ducker.

  14. alexis Says:

    hi to Boycott a PACMAN fight is crazy…the most exciting and action packed fighter in this era and you tell me you will boycott it…maybe you havent watch PACMAN in pay per view that’s why you dont know how does it feel to watch it in PAY per VIEW…
    in any case people are entitled for their own opinion me im saving money right now to watch PACMAN vs.CLOTTEY.
    maybe ill boycott the mayweather vs. whoever-im sure its gonna be boring like all his fights…

  15. Abenir D. Ore Says:

    it is to my opinion that ALL BOXING FANS should BOYCOTT the sports of BOXING until such time that those SELF-INTEREST PROMOTERS, SELF-CENTERED BOXERS, EGOISTIC BOXERS, EXCITING BOXERS, SELF-PROCLAIMED TRAINERS, ETC. ETC. should realize that is US – THE BOXING FANS – who had been watering their beck with our HARD-EARNED MONEY just to see their fights.

    i am thus calling ALL BOXING FANS to BOYCOTT ALL BOXING FIGHTS. we had done it before in early year-1990’s. WE DESERVE THE FIGHTS THAT WE WANT TO SEE!

  16. ep4eva Says:

    in the words of the great hip hop band Dead Prez, on march 13…TURN OFF THE T.V…TURN OFF THAT BULL!!..boycott= less ppv buys = promoters feeling it in the pocket = Mayeather vs Pacquiao in the fall..wise up people!!

  17. freemanrockin Says:

    wher is floyd mayweathers steroid test results? pacman proved negative, now where is the accusers own test result? they probably wont be able to put up a fight card on march 13 too. those scumbag phonies. all talk no action team payweather and golden gay promotions.

  18. Brutus Says:

    Yes. Boycott is reasonable. But not indiscriminately. To the thinking fans boycott the fighter who you think was responsible for the cancellation between the Pacquiao-Floyd Jr fight. Not because an angry sportswriter says so.

  19. rey Says:

    I will see and pay ppv whenever pacquiao fight because he is a warrior not like flawed/gay/bad/money mayweather who is a shame to boxing world

  20. bobby pacquiao Says:

    i dont buy it mr writer..these people must be crazy…they are fools who buys the accusation of the clowns,the Gayweathers and company!…if my brother is into this PED thing,he would have share it with me so as to improve my ability inside the ring…i challenge this people to fight me and i assure mr gonna kick their ass….all of u who accuse my brother manny are retard!….

  21. Mike Tysu Says:

    Manny is going to fight Clottey on March 13. That’s bravery. Clottey is a worthy opponent. Ive heard that Golden Boy Promotions and Pee in the Pants Floyd is scouting for an opponent on the same fight date. Heck, just received an email from Scaheffer and Atlas that their group is negotiating for a possible fight of Pee Flod with Laila Ali.

  22. Huna Says:

    Abenir D. Ore Says:
    15. January 2010 at 9:47 pm
    it is to my opinion that ALL BOXING FANS should BOYCOTT the sports of BOXING until such time that those SELF-INTEREST PROMOTERS, SELF-CENTERED BOXERS, EGOISTIC BOXERS, EXCITING BOXERS, SELF-PROCLAIMED TRAINERS, ETC. ETC. should realize that is US – THE BOXING FANS – who had been watering their beck with our HARD-EARNED MONEY just to see their fights.

    i am thus calling ALL BOXING FANS to BOYCOTT ALL BOXING FIGHTS. we had done it before in early year-1990’s. WE DESERVE THE FIGHTS THAT WE WANT TO SEE!

    How are you going to do get Mayweather to fight any Top Rank FIghter,
    I understand that women can get Breast Implants, but I do not know of any successful Testicular Implant or Transplant and until one is successfully completed, You’ll never see Mayweather fight anyone worth a damn over 140.

  23. Evolutionary Says:

    For the boycotters of xylofloyd fight you will not miss a thing bec. it would be boring, but for the boycotters of Manny’s fight, you would miss history in the making, pure action and excitement, good luck with that, bec. it would not work with Manny’s fight.

  24. Alexandra Gibson Says:

    maybe in the near future there would be natural breast implants that are based on stem cells or something:”;

  25. Zahnarzt Düsseldorf Says:

    They can say they will boycott it but they will all watch it.

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