SD poll workers

Mother daughter team: Mother Filomena T. Greenman and daughter Donna A. Greenman are pictured with Consuelo Conesa and Carmen Lopez, Registrar of Voters Outreach Coordinator Ms Lopez stated: “We are proud that our bilingual poll workers are now recruiting the second generation of bilingual poll workers.” The polling place was a the Kaplan School located at the Chula Vista Mall.

With all the recent special elections it takes a team of workers to make sure that it all goes well and that the voters have the information and the opportunity to vote. All too often we only focus on the candidates and the campaigns and we rarely think about the people behind the scenes that make it all happen for us the voters and the for the candidates. We take this time to thank such people as Carmen Lopez (pictured) and Elvira Vargas, Election Processing Supervisor, Campaign Services. Ms Vargas is the person most candidates turn to for answers to their questions. Plus the countless number of staff members working at the Registrar of Voters. Moreover, all the volunteers who come to together each election and staff the polls, supervise, and tote the voting boxes back to the Registrar of Voters to be counted in a timely fashion. To all these workers we offer our THANKS!


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