February 12, 2016

One Rocky’s Out
Oceanside’s Rocky Chavez dropped out of the race to replace US Senator Barbara Boxer after he failed to raise the level of fundraising to stay competitive. His departure still leaves 2 Republicans in the race against heavy favorites CA Attorney General Kamala Harris and LA Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

Another Rocky Still In
Local businessman and car dealer Rocky de la Fuente continues his campaign for President. He received 95 votes in New Hampshire’s primary this week, coming in 9th place. That didn’t gain him any delegates but he claims he’s qualified in over 20 upcoming state primaries. The self-proclaimed anti-Trump candidate vows to stay in for the long haul.

Chargers May Stay
Now that the NFL has made it pretty clear it would prefer to have the Chargers stay here, the team is back looking for a stadium deal. The most likely location still seems to be downtown with some sort of convention center expansion, but Mayor Kevin Faulconer doesn’t like the plan. He’s pushing his own stadium plan. Attorney Cory Briggs is pushing a ballot initiative that could solve the issues of financing using tax dollars, but no one seems to like him. We will follow the developments and report back soon.

UCSD Hosts Activist
Journalist, immigration activist, and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas will speak at UCSD on February 25. Vargas became nationally known when he revealed he’s an undocumented alien even though he graduated from
San Francisco State and won the Pulitzer Prize as a reporter for the Washington Post. His upcoming speech is titled “Race, Privilege, and Immigration in the US”. In 2014, Vargas was arrested for being undocumented when he tried to board a plane at a Texas airport. He has become a vocal advocate for the DREAM program to allow a pathway to citizenship for undocumented children.

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