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La Prensa San Diego, founded in 1976, is the oldest and largest MexicanAmerican newspaper of general circulation in the City and County of San Diego, California. La Prensa San Diegohas a proud record of continuous publication without missing an edition in 26 years of publishing. As a bilingual newspaper, it is proud to present the news in the Spanish, as well as the English language.

La Prensa San Diego was legally ‘adjudicated’ on May 9, 1978, as a newspaper of general circulation for the city and county of San Diego and of the Judicial District of the Municipal Court of San Diego (File Nbr. 413745, May 9, 1978). As such, La Prensa San Diego is legally allowed to carry all types and forms of legal notices as may be required by local, state and government agencies, the judicial system, private businesses and individuals who are required by law to publish legal notification of their acts.

Publication Information: La Prensa is published every Friday of the year, unless Friday falls on a national holiday. At that time it will be published on the previous day.

Deadline: 5 p.m. on the Wednesday before the desired Friday of publication.


Source: 2000 U.S. Census
Strategy Research Corp.

– Is the fastest growing segment of the population. It is growing at a rate 3.9 times faster than the non-Hispanic population as a whole and 5 percent faster than Hispanics in all of California.

– Represents 76 % of the total county population growth from 1990 to 2000.

– Has a larger youth population. 37% of Hispanics are under the age of 18 compared with 26% of the County as a whole.

– Is the eleventh largest in the nation. The third largest when coupled with the population of Tijuana.

– San Diego County is third in California in the number of Hispanic-owned firms, and the fifth in the U.S.

– Coupled with the number of firms in Tijuana, the region ranks third in the nation in number of Hispanic-owned firms


                2000 Total Pop.        2000 Hispanic Pop.             2000 (%) Hispanic
California               33,871,648                   10,966,556                            32.4%
San Diego Co.         2,813,833                        750,965                            26.7%
San Diego City        1,223,400                        310,752                             25.4%
Tijuana                    1,212,232


Community          2000 Population             Hispanic Population
San Ysidro             32,374                              75.8%
Otay Mesa             54,704                              60.8%
National City          54,260                              59.1%
Chula Vista           173,556                              49.6%
Imperial Beach        26,992                              40.1%
Vista                       34,990                              38.9%
Escondido               51,693                              38.7%
San Marcos            20,271                              36.9%
Bonita                     12,401                              30.5%
Oceanside               48,691                              30.2%

Percentage of Hispanic Population in San Diego County

1990 – 20% 2000 – 27% 2020 – 33%


– The median age 25
– Average number of people per household 4.1
– Mexican descent 87%

Age Profile (2000)

San Diego Latinos   0 - 19 yrs      41%
                             20 - 34 yrs      26%
                             35 - 54 yrs      23%
                             55 + yrs          10%
Tijuana Residents    0 - 19 yrs       39%
                            20 - 34 yrs       36%
                            35 - 54 yrs       18%
                            55 + yrs           17%

Language Preferences

Though the U.S. Census Bureau, since 1990, has dutifully published data that Hispanics “prefer to communicate in Spanish”, the data fails to distinguish between speaking, reading or writing. From the second generation on, Mexican-Americans prefer English as the language of communication for reading and writing. However it should it be noted that “cultural” symbolic terms are linguistic devices that can draw the Mexican-American, Latino, reader’s attention to your advertisement.

Rand Studies have scientifically demonstrated that by the third generation most Hispanos are English speaking, reading, and writing. Such is the case in the San Diego ADI. Census studies enumerated only a 12 percent Spanish mono-lingual population in our market area.

Number of Hispanic Businesses in San Diego

1992 – 18,983 1997 – 28,087

Sales and Receipts (In Billions)

San Diego Based Hispanic Businesses

1992 – $1.50 1997 – $5.20 (246%)Growth

Industry Division of San Diego Based Hispanic Businesses

Services 44%
Retail Trade 17%
Construction 9%
Others 8%
Communications 8%
Agriculture 6%
Wholesale Trade 4%
Manufacturing 2%
Finance 2%

Given its international border with Tijuana, Mexico, San Diego is a point of entry into the U.S. for some 55,000 people each day. There are 5 to 6 million northbound border crossings every month at the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa stations. For marketing purposes, the San Diego/Tijuana marketplace represents a total of 2.7 million consumers.

Data Sources: San Diego Council of Government, U.S. Census Bureau, San Diego Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, San Diego Visitors and Convention Bureau.

La Prensa San Diego Circulation Map

Circulation/Distribution La Prensa San Diego, a bilingual (Spanish-English) broadsheet newspaper of general circulation in the San Diego ADI, is distributed every Friday of the week. When Friday is a national holiday, it is distributed on Thursday. La Prensa is distributed utilizing newsrack, depot delivery, mail subscribers and targeted home delivery.

Press run: Maximum 35,000
* Verifiable through printers statements or Publishers affidavit

Distribution Areas and Zip codes:

North County (15%):
Oceanside 92054-56
Carlsbad 92008
Vista 92083-84
San Marcos 92069
Escondido 92025-27
Mira Mesa 92126

Centre City San Diego (35%):
Logan Heights 92113-14
S.E. San Diego 92113
Linda Vista 92111
Clairmont 92117
Golden Hills 92102
North Park 92104
Downtown San Diego 92101

East County (15%):
El Cajon 92021-22
Lemon Grove 92045
Spring Valley 92077-78
Encanto 92114
Bonita 92002

South Bay (35%):
National City 92050
Chula Vista 92010-11
Imperial Beach 92032
San Ysidro 92073
Otay Mesa 92073
Nestor 92053

La Prensa San Diego is a “Legally Adjudicated” newspaper of General Circulation for the City of San Diego, County of San Diego, and the Judicial District of the Municipal Court of San Diego. (Superior Court of California, County of San Diego. Filling #413745. Dated May 9, 1976.) La Prensa San Diego is authorized to publish all matter of legal advertisements to meet all city, county, state and federal requirements.

For rate information please call our Marketing Dept. at

(619) 425-7400 / FAX (619) 425-7402

Mechanical Data

ROP Pages                                                      Standared Column Widths
Image Area       11.5 x 21 inches                  Columns       Inches           Picas
Columns            6                                               1             1 26/32"          10.3
Column inches   126                                           2             3 3/4"               22.2
Agate lines         1,764                                        3            5 22/32"           34
Gutter widths     1/8th inches                               4            7 20/32"           45.3
                                                                          5            9 18/32"            57.1
                                                                          6            11.5"                 69

Classified Page                                                        Column Widths
Image Area       11.5 x 21 inches                  Columns       Inches           Picas
Columns            8                                               1           1 11/32""             8
Column inches   168                                           2            2 26/32"             16.3
Agate lines         2,352                                        3            4 1/4"                 25.2
Gutter widths     3/32nd inches                            4             5  22/32"            34
                                                                          5             7 5/32"               43
                                                                          6            8 19/32"              51.2
                                                                          7            10 1/32"              60.1
                                                                          8             11.5"                   69

ARTWORK RequirementsWeb, E-Mail – Digital File RequirementsLa Prensa San Diego is able to accept display advertising, black and white, and color, utilizing the latest digital techniques afforded by the various computer software. The following requirements will assist La Prensa San Diego in making a match with your capabilities matching with the Web Offset capabilities of our Printer, San Diego Web Offset, and our in-house equipment.

System Program: Applications:

Macintosh platform; Quark Express-version 3.0-4.04
Adobe Pagemaker; version 6.0-6.5 plus
Macromedia Freehand; version 7.0
Adobe Illustrator: Version 8.0
Adobe PhotoShop; Version 3.0-5.5
Adobe Acrobat; (PDF)
POF, EPS, and Postscript are also acceptable


Line artwork, logos, scanned at 600 DPI. – saved as TIFF or EPS files


All photos need to be 85-100 line screen/150 DPI. Our printer prints on newsprint with a 15% dot gain. Adjust your scans with this in mind. Four-color photos need to be 85-100 line screens set to a final resolution of 150 D.P.I. Note 4-color art must be CMYK, NOT RGB.


Include all fonts used in the document. Include both screen and printer fonts. Do not apply styles TO FONTS- choose the actual font i.e. choose Times Bold if you want a bold typeface.

Film Requirements:

Submit film prepared at 85 or 100 line screen, negatives, right reading, emulsion side down. Provide match print.

Non-Disk Formats:

Veloxs, negatives, black/white prints accepted. All color ads require separations. La Prensa San Diego can accept your DIGITAL materials via E-Mail. We can accept Zip Disks, we can accept Adobe PDF, Pagemaker, Quirkpress, Word, Coral Draw, TIF, JPG files, Mac Programs, IBM or clone programs.

NOTE: All color display advertisement is required to be in-house four (4) days prior to publication date!

La Prensa San Diego
Marketing Department
651 Third Avene, Suite C
Chula Vista, California 91910
Phone: 619-425-7400 Fax: 619-425-7402
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