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TOP Ten reasons Senators voted against The Dream Act

December 23, 2010

By Al Carlos

10. 41 Republican Senators have decided not to be re elected.

 9. Didn’t want undocumented to earn citizenship by going to college or military service.

 8. Democrats; Baucus, Pryor, Conrad, Hagan, Nelson and Tester who voted against the bill, wanted no political future.

 7. You can be Gay in the Military but not Gaytino.

 6. The act would have raised 2 billion in revenue, senators didn’t have plan to misspend it.

 5. Didn’t want hundreds of thousands gifted Young Latinos, not mowing their lawns.

 4.They were dreaming of a White Christmas.

 3. Defense Secretary Gates and Homeland Secretary Napolitano supported the Act, but what do they know?

 2. The three Republicans who voted for the Bill can now announce their candidacy for President 2012.

 1. Apparently, Martin Luther King, The American People and the Senate have different “Dreams”.

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