April 26, 2013

tezzyThe San Diego Padres are back in a familiar place… last place! It has become a ‘been there, done that’ scenario same as the past couple of years. It is a painful to watch on tv to see all those empty seats, though the cameras do their best to avoid the bleachers….

By the time this paper is published on Friday the football draft will be into the late rounds. Tezzy is going to make a prediction that the Charger’s will draft a quarterback early on… Rivers is getting old, has had a couple of bad seasons, and offensive linemen don’t sell tickets… you will be able to say you heard it first here… Jajajajaj…!…hahaa! …. (update – no quarterback but they made surprise selection in the second round pick Manti Te’o)

For those who aren’t following the South Bay corruption case here is the latest update… the judge put off the case until next year, sometime in February… so lets get this straight two years after the DA brings charges the defendants will finally get their day in court… so much for a speedy trial!!!

Having to wait another year will be a huge financial drain on the defendants’ pocket books, the only ones making out are the attorneys. As time goes by, we might start seeing some of the defendants make a deal just to keep from going to the poor house.

15 folks applied for the Southwestern college vacant seat and of the 15 our best guess is that Nora Vargas will be the top choice with Rosa Maria Robles a close second….

Of the 15 applicants, one of the more interesting ones is that of Adrian Arancibia, of Taco Shop Poets fame. If we were picking he would get serious consideration… it would be nice to have someone who is more of a ‘right brain’ thinker… right brain think is one who is intuitive, thoughtful and subjective, in other words a breath of fresh air!

Hijole!!! The Lorena Gonzalez political mailer was some hot suff!!! Mi esposa was not happy about it and trashed it before I could pin it up in the garage… if that is honest government then I am all for it!!! Again… mi esposa… says she is the South Bay Anthony Weiner… quien sabe!!!

Registrar of Voters is worried that voter turnout is not going to be good, not much interest being showed in the two races… problem could be voter burnout, seems like it has been nothing but one election after another…

Speaking of elections there has already been some movement in Chula Vista over the upcoming mayor’s race and open seat on city council. Tezzy has been sworn to secrecy, but some familiar faces are lining up their ducks to make their run…

Some folks names that have been bantered about to run for CV city council, John McCann, Jose Preciado, Humberto Peraza, David Gonzalez, Jr., Burt Grossman…. So if you are thinking of running in 2014 it is not to early to start thinking about it.

Our prayers go out to Chunky Sanchez and his family, he is in the hospital trying to fight back to good health!!!

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