January 21, 2011

   So what does $1 billion dollars get you when you are trying to build a high-tech fence along the border???? Not much, to be exact 53 miles of border fence. Of course as we said all along, a border fence won’t stop those looking for a better life. It only cost the taxpayer only $1 billioooon dollars and now they now….

    El Jefe de La Prensa was one of the speakers at the All People’s Breakfast this past Monday, MLK Day, a very nice event with thousands in attendance… el jefe talked about the role of a minority media in society…

    The main speaker at the MLK event spoke on the topic of social media, los Indios have been on the social media for many, many years with smoke signals…. the first social network…

    Speaking of the social network… saw smoke signals, some in the community are growing are tired of Jose Preciado; a few folks looking for a candidate to run against him in the next water board election… stay tuned.

   Council members in Chula Vista sure showed a lack of class in removing Port Commissioner Padilla…. There is always a right way to do things and wrong way, CV council members decided the wrong way was the best way…. Probably didn’t want to give him a heads up on his firing he might have mounted a defense to save his job and out smart all of them…

    Now we know why things don’t get done in Chula Vista….

    Last note on Chula Vista: this doesn’t bode well for council person Pamela Bensoussan, she championed Padilla and she was left out in the cold on this one… she got out flanked and didn’t have a clue….

    Los Charros in Escondido received a lot of support to stay in Escondido. Mayor Sam Abed described the Charros as good Mexicans because they didn’t bring race into it at the council meeting… Qué??? Abed is all about race… as councilmember he went on a ride along with the police to observe the process of picking up suspected immigrants…. Sounds like plantation mentality…

    It took Obama and the Democrats almost two years to put together a health care bill and to the Republicans all of two weeks to begin the process of trying to tear it down…. Good luck with that.

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