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Out Around Town – May 27, 2016

May 27, 2016


Republican Donald Trump will hold a rally at 2pm on Friday, May 27, at the SD Convention Center. The planned rally has already drawn organized protests. Several groups, including the janitors’ union and the San Diego Democratic Party, plan to rally near the convention center. A larger rally sponsored by the “Love Trumps Hate Solidarity Network” is planning a peaceful rally called “Tear Down Walls Between Peoples”.



Serra High School Principal Vincent Mays is in hot water after it was revealed his PhD degree he claims to have is from Stamford University, a fake online degree mill. Mays does have the required administrative credential to be a principal, but parents question his honesty and bad example for students. Supporters and a school board member say Mays is doing a good job regardless of his degree and fraud.



San Diego Unified School District has not met its requirements to hire local workers for school projects funded by bond money. A District labor agreement required that 70% of workers live within the District, but only 38% do. Worse, the District was supposed to hire 35% of the workers from specific, poor local neighborhoods, but only 27% are from those areas. The bond program totals $4.9 billion, and has used 6,020 workers so far. The deal was intended to ensure more jobs for local workers.


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