Bonnie Dumanis Says Farewell to DA’s Office

July 13, 2017

By Marinee Zavala

Bonnie Dumanis left the San Diego District Attorney’s Office among a crowd of Sheriff and Chula Vista Police officers, as well as members of her staff, applauding and cheering her name as she boarded the classic police vehicle awaiting to take her into retirement after nearly 15 years of service.

Many expressed that while they were sad she was leaving, Dumanis’ legacy would endure in San Diego – especially her message of diversity and compassion for victims of crime.

“She was a strong woman, but she also had a lot of compassion,” said DA’s Office Chief Investigator Miguel Rosario. “If I were to compare a before-and-after Bonnie, I would say that the fear people used to have is that they saw that everyone was the same color, so they thought that’s how they worked; but Bonnie proved that diversity makes you stronger.”

After Dumanis took office as San Diego County District Attorney, the number of investigators, attorneys, and employees of Mexican, Latin American, and Asian descent increased by over 40 percent, which the people at her office feel went a long way towards improving communication with San Diego residents.

“It is a sad moment, and we will miss her a lot, but this office will always remain close to the community and ready to serve and inform all people, including our great Hispanic sector, because she has brought diversity to the office. Today, 40 percent of the team I feel privileged to be a part of, is of Mexican descent,” shared the DA’s Office Community Relations Director Jesse Navarro.

While San Diego law enforcement agencies are saddened by Dumanis’ departure, they are also excited to face new challenges.

San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore expressed that although Dumanis is taking with her a lot of great memories, they will now work together with interim District Attorney Summer Stephan to help crime victims and prosecute anyone seeking to harm the community.

“My investigators have given (Stephan) a full vote of confidence,” said Sheriff Gore. “They are the ones who always have to go to court during cases, and they want Summer Stephan to be a part of that case. She is always well-prepared; she is a tenacious attorney. Of course, she has big shoes to fill, but I believe she will be up to the task, so I am anxious to work with her, as I’ve done in the past.”

Summer Stephan was appointed on July 7 of this year, and will remain as interim DA for the next 18 months, until elections for a full term are held in 2018.

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