Pendulo Cero: A Decade of Contemporary Dance

April 14, 2017

By Diana Rodriguez

The contemporary dance company Pendulo Cero, premiered two dance works last weekend in Tijuana, “EncarnaCciones” and “When Something Changes”, the first being a composition and design of the scenic line of Carlos A. González and the second the result of a workshop and artistic residence of choreographer Bliss Kohlmyer, based out of Tampa, Florida.
Both showcases were full of energy, with engaging nuances, and above all, they invite to ask ourselves questions about our body, its mobility and language.
In its 10th anniversary, Pendulo Cero’s main members, Carlos, Miroslava, Iliana, David, Annel, Paulina and Salvador, have successfully placed contemporary dance as a renowned discipline in the region. Since 2007, the company has served as a platform of creation and expression through dance, and has made great creative impact through their projects, tours and artistic collaborations around Mexico and internationally. The company’s work has been shared in Japan, Colombia, Guatemala, Spain, China, Korea, Germany, and the United States.
‘‘For years now, we can notice the effervescence of creativity in the city, very creative people who are tireless and fearless to invent, create, play, inquire and investigate’’, said Carlos Gonzalez to La Prensa San Diego. ‘‘I believe that we really need to recognize more the creative human, this artist who has the interest of working for the cultural enrichment of Tijuana, it’s important to stop the idea of competition, and put away the titles or levels that separate, divide and break’’, Gonzalez added.
Throughout their career, Pendulo Cero has carried out various programs that involve artistic exchange, meeting and residencies with creatives, stage directors, dancers, choreographers, performing artists from various parts of Mexico and the world. Among these exchange projects, one of the most recent is “When Something Changes”, from choreographer and dancer Bliss Kohlmyer, who is based out of the University of Tampa’s School of Dance in Florida.
For its realization, this project counts on the support of Mexico’s National Fund for the Culture and the Arts, through its program for professional artistic groups Mexico en Escena in its sixth edition.
Ten years of constant work and deep passion for dance is a merit worthy of recognition for the company and all its team of collaborators like Julio Blanco (photography), Lenuel Fro (costume designer), and Juan Luis Alejos (diffusion), among others.

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