A Day at the San Diego County Fair

June 8, 2017

By Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

If I said this was my first time at the San Diego County Fair I would be lying, but for some reason it felt like it was because I had never experienced the fair the way I did Sunday on Dia de la Familia, or Family Day.

As soon as I arrived, I decided I wouldn’t focus on getting the perfect Instagram photo and instead I would put away my phone and try the different rides, explore every corner of the fairgrounds, and eat a lot of food.

Up Up and Away

If you know me, you know I’m terrified of heights, but the fair seemed like the perfect place to overcome that fear so the first ride I tried was the Sky Ride.

The Sky Ride takes you across the park to the Kids Fun zone and you have the choice of a round trip or one way. I could only survive the one way.

The moment my feet were off the ground I realized that I did not think this trip through and that I might regret my decision as soon as I was at the highest point.

But I didn’t. The ride was smooth and the view was beautiful. I could see all the rides, all the families walking around and I could smell the delicious food. The Sky Ride was also a great way to get to the opposite end of the fair without having to walk.

Viva Fiesta Village

Just before entering Fiesta Village I stopped to see a performance by Eric Runningpath, a professional native american dancer and member of the Navajo Nation. He encouraged children to get on stage to perform different dances with him and it turned out to to be the cutest show.

Some children couldn’t keep up but Runningpath helped them follow all the steps.

The children followed him and copied his moves but some struggled to keep up and decided spinning in circles was a better idea. He will perform fair on June 18, 24, and 25.

I had never been to Fiesta Village and I couldn’t believe all the amazing shops I was missing out on. Everything sold in the area highlights Hispanic culture. Everything from the carne asada tacos to the flowers made out of paper made me feel like I was in Mexico.

Bacon Wrapped Kind of Life

The hardest decision to make at the fair is deciding what to eat because everything smells amazing and looks delicious.

I started my path to a food coma with corn in a cup from Ricos Manjares Mositos. I’m a traditional kind of girl who enjoys corn with butter, mayo, cheese and chilli on a stick, but eating it from a cup helped me save a few thousand napkins and was just as delicious.

I moved on to the real show, the bacon wrapped baked potato with melted cheese and jalapeños and a bacon wrapped hot dog covered in onions and peppers. They were everything I could have asked for from fair food.

And if you’re not hungry by now, let me tell you about the funnel cake. For dessert I tried a funnel cake covered in powdered sugar and strawberries.

Did I mention I went back for a second cup of corn?

Overall the food was amazing, I got over my fear of heights and I had a great time. But if you don’t believe me check it out for yourself, the fair goes on until July 4.

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