March 28, 2018

Series to Watch: Enemigo Intimo

By La Prensa San Diego

By Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

The new Telemundo Super Series based on real events, “Enemigo Intimo,” has viewers at the edge of their seats every Friday, and it is a series that television lovers will not want to miss.

“Enemigo Intimo,” which translates to Intimate Enemy, tells the story of two siblings who were separated at a young age and in the most unexpected way are reunited when one has become an upholder of the law and the other is a presumed criminal.

“Enemigo Intimo” stars Fernanda Castillo as Roxana Rodiles, Raul Mendez as Alejandro Ferrer, and Matias Novoa as Daniel Laborde.

La Prensa San Diego spoke with Mendez on his character and working with his close friend Castillo.

Mendez said that his character on the outside is a man of the law but inside there is darkness, which Mendez said can mirror certain realities in Mexico and other countries.

“He is a character that can play into the feelings that people are not familiar with from police, so that’s why I was attracted to be part of this story Enemigo Intimo (he) has a past that haunts him and that also does not let him be free,” Mendez said.

(Raul Mendez as Alejandro Ferrer)

He added that Alejandro will show a more vulnerable side in upcoming episodes that will give the audience something knew to learn about his complex nature.

“Enemigo Intimo” marks the return of two beloved actors who previously starred in “El Senor de los Cielos,” Castillo and Mendez.

Mendez said both him and Castillo shared that need to have the public see them as different characters and follow them with a new story.

“The public is interested every day to learn about the characters what they are hiding,” Mendez said.

“Enemigo Intimo” is on at 10 p.m. and 9 p.m. central on Telemundo and past episodes can be found via

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