CaliBaja Cuisine Shines

March 24, 2017

by Diana Rodriguez

The CaliBaja region has become, in recent years, a top notch destination for those who are passionate about good eating. The emerging culinary scene between both Californias has allowed the formation of a unique culinary concept in the world.
The second edition of the Sabor Latino Food, Beer, and Wine Festival was held last Saturday March 18 as part of the San Diego Latino Film Fest.

Renowned chefs like Sabina Bandera, Martin San Roman, Ruffo Ibarra, Carlos Cervantes, Danielle de la Puente, and 15 more Latino chefs, demonstrated their talent, creativity and professionalism, by presenting their delicious creations to assistants who were able to enjoy innovative dishes, fusing their contemporary proposals in an ideal atmosphere with regional wines and craft brews.

Inspired by Mexican agua de jamaica, Barrio Logan’s Border X Brewing captivated savvy palates with their Blood Saison, a tart brew made with real hibiscus, agave and crystal malts.

“This is a very important moment for Baja California,” said Ruffo Ibarra, Founder of Oryx Capital, in Tijuana, for La Prensa San Diego. “We are the state where we all support each other the most amongst colleagues.”

“Chefs like Javier Plascencia, Miguel Angel Guerrero, and Martin San Roman paved the way for us, and today we are a second generation where an open culture exists, a creative culture, a totally new cultural movement was created in Tijuana, which makes us a center of attention as a gastronomic destination, which makes us feel very proud about representing it”, Ibarra added.

“The new gastronomic movement comes up because of the need to merge the old school with the new generations who come hungry and wants to show new techniques of a changing kitchen, all in line with the diner’s needs who is always looking for new flavors and textures, which makes us as chefs go along with this movement”, said chef Carlos Cervantes, who for more than seven years has been dedicated to the cooking of paella with a distinctive seal. “As a Latino, what motivates me is definitely the people you serve, when you see the reaction of the diner, you see the effort of your passion reflected, and it’s what leads me to continue creating”.

As Miguel Angel Guerrero, founder of the Baja Med cuisine style once mentioned: “The relationship between Tijuana and San Diego is like a married couple. It started off with a lot of passion, like a honeymoon, then things cooled off between them and by 2008, they weren’t spending as much time in bed together; Tijuana and San Diego almost got a divorce, but now they’re finding their way back together, passion is coming back because we miss each other and need each other.”
Today, the region’s gastronomy is finally claiming its rightful place and positioning itself as a key attraction in the food world.

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