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Barrio Dogg to Move Into New Digs

March 22, 2018

By Mario A. Cortez

El Xolito, Barrio Dogg’s Tijuana-style hot dog, is topped with spreads, tomato, onion, and cilantro.

Barrio Dogg is moving into a new location a few blocks away on Logan Avenue and has new surprises for those who can’t get enough of their creations.

This Barrio Logan eatery has become known for grilling baja-style, bacon-wrapped hot dogs and topping these with an assortment of toppings such as a blend of seven chili pepper varieties in their extra spicy Bombero dog or sauerkraut and pickle in their interpretation of the Chicago hot dog, among others.

Pablo Rios, one of the business’ co-proprietors, spoke with La Prensa San Diego about what is down the road, literally and figuratively, for Barrio Dogg.

“So we started operating on August 26 of last year, on the day of the La Vuelta end of Summer Festival, and it was an awesome opportunity to see what we could do,” Rios said. “Business has been going well enough for us to need a full kitchen now.”

Barrio Dogg co proprietor Ernesto Gastelum said that on the day the La Vuelta end of summer fest was held they sold over 500 orders throughout the day, which was a tremendous day one response from the community.

Since then, according to Rios and Gastellum, business has been good and steady, creating an opportunity to expand their hot dog emporium into a larger location that is better equipped to serve their guests.

“Right now we are a little limited because we are cooking on the back of our Impala grill, but once have everything in place we will be able to crank out the orders a lot quicker,” Rios shared.

Barrio Dogg’s new home at 2240 Logan Avenue is slated to open in early to mid April, in time for Chicano Park day. The new space will have space for 35 people, wine and beer options, and the team plans to offer takeout meals through Doordash and similar apps.

Pablo Rios

“Growing into that space was kinda quick but necessary, and it’s also the right place because there is no other commercial space on Logan Avenue that has a full kitchen installed,” Rios shared.

With Barrio Dogg’s famous Impala grill’s home duties being done in the new full kitchen, it will now begin touring local breweries. Thorn, Alta Brewing, and Modern Times are some of the breweries which will host the Impala grill during Barrio Dogg’s new weekly brewery engagements.

With finishing touches being made to the new location, Rios and Gastelum are looking forward to opening day.

“We are very excited and will stay concentrated on making sure every dog is perfect,” Rios highlighted.

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