There is only one choice for District 8 – David Alvarez

May 28, 2010


District 8 in the City of San Diego is a vibrant community with a mix of industry, small businesses, and history. The communities of Barrio Logan, Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Golden Hill, and Memorial, all reflect the early history and culture of the area and San Diego in whole. The District is also developing and changing. For some, changing for the better, for others this new development means gentrification.

   At the same time District 8 represents a whole slew of problems and issues, the least of which is the lack of political leadership within the district. Politically speaking the council seat has become a revolving door, no sooner elected than that person is out the door seeking another office. The present council representative Ben Hueso is just the latest example of one term and out.

   David Alvarez has made the commitment to serve two full terms. This has become one of the central themes of his campaign and in our opinion the most important theme. District 8 needs a political leader that will stick around and actually accomplish something for the district residents.

   But there is much more to Alvarez that more than qualifies him as the next representative of the District.

   David Alvarez grew up in the community and is of the people. His parents were hardworking, his dad a janitor and his mom worked in fast food. At the age of 18, when Petco Park came into being, their rental home was sold and with no affordable housing in the area the Alvarez family became homeless. This was a huge dose of reality for Alvarez and what helped him to understand the impact and importance of politics.

   Alvarez has succeeded the good old fashion way by working hard and pulling himself up by his boot straps. Alvarez graduated from San Diego State University, worked in the social services sector, but it was politics that called to him. As an aide to Senator Denise Ducheny, Alvarez gained the practical experience necessary to hit the ground running as a City Council person.

   David Alvarez is what District 8 needs: someone who knows the people and the community. Alvarez is someone who has gone through the same issues, trials, and tribulations that the residents face. Alvarez has the work experience and the political experience to do the job that this district needs. And most importantly Alvarez has made the commitment to stay on the job for the full two terms.

   Both Nick Inzunza, Sr and Felipe Hueso are banking on their names to get them through to the General Election.

   We have already lived through the political heydays of the Inzunza machinery when the Inzunza’s liked to describe themselves’ as the Kennedy’s of the South Bay. Those days are long gone and Nick does not possess the understanding of the issues, nor the answers to the problems facing the district. Nick is a nice guy but not a political leader and the district needs political leadership.

   Felipe Hueso is hoping that the voters will just vote for the name. What the district doesn’t need is an oligarchy. We have not been impressed with Felipe’s resume as a politician and don’t really see what Felipe has to offer as a representative.

   The only other credible candidate in the race is B.D. Howard. Unfortunately, we know little about him, nor has he made an effort to share his vision for the district with us so we have nothing to go on in regards to his candidacy.

   District 8 needs a new leadership. It needs someone who is willing to roll up his sleeves and do the work necessary to bring about change. In this election that person is David Alvarez.

   We Endorse Alvarez for San Diego City Council, District 8.

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One Response to “There is only one choice for District 8 – David Alvarez”

  1. manolo Martinez Says:

    This endoresment reeks of special interests. We need a real change in this district. Someone to represent all the district not just the insiders in logan hieghts. I say we vote for BD HOWARD. He represents the entire district and not just the established power structure. For too long special interests have influenced our representative to the city council and used them to rubber stamp thier sweetheart deals,City pensions, CCDC, Fire fighters, duplicatin of services and the like. We need to look for another way to do business in this city and it begins with District 8. There has been a deal brokered by former city council members Juan Vargas and George Stevens whereby Latinos stay in D8 and Blacks stay in D4. This has kept us separate and at odds with our natural allies and has also served to disenfranchise the populations of both districts with thier myopic policies and insider dealing. While we “stay in our place” the rest of the city is run by the crooks our community is slowly being gentrified, soon we will have no community left to call out own.

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