The End of Life Option deserves a full hearing, not gimmicks!

August 21, 2015


State Lawmakers are back at work this week in a special session called for by Gov. Brown with the intent of dealing with financing plans for public healthcare and road repairs. But politicians, being politicians, are using this special session to fast track through End of Life Option Act, which had been stalled during the regular legislative process.

On Tuesday, backers reintroduced this stalled proposal to let doctors help terminally ill patients end their own lives by prescribing lethal doses of drugs.

While we understand the pain and suffering that a terminally ill person goes through, we have witnessed a relative suffer horribly through cancer until her final days. The end of life option should not be an issue that you rush through to circumvent the process.

The End of Life Option Act, introduced by state Sens. Lois Wolk (D-Davis) and Bill Monning (D-Carmel) in July, was withdrawn due to a lack of support in a hearing in the Assembly Committee on Health. According to reports, the new bill would bypass the committee during this special session.

While we may support the right of a dying person to die with dignity, we do not support the effort to push through this piece of legislation without a full hearing, vetting, and debate.

The right to die issue is one that is personal, emotional, and involves religious beliefs.

The efforts by the supporters of the End of Life Option are trying to manipulate, and circumvent, the legislative process for easy passage.

The issue of taking one’s life is too important to relegate its passage based on clever manipulation of the rules.

If this legislation passes, it should pass through the normal process where it will get a full hearing and all sides can come to the table to weigh-in on the subject.

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