Dumanis and DeMaio demonstrate a lack of character by avoiding debate


A mayoral forum for the City of San Diego was held Wednesday night and of the four announced candidates only two participated and answered the questions from a diverse panel. What the audience did hear were the positions of candidate Bob Filner and Nathan Fletcher on a variety of topics. But, the audience probably learned more about the two candidates who did not show up. They learned that Bonnie Dumanis and Carlo DeMaio lacked the courage and the courtesy to attend this mayoral forum.

   The forum was hosted by an organization billed as “A Better San Diego.” The organization is made up of community groups and a diverse segment of the population that shares a heavy Democratic/Union slant. Dumanis and DeMaio, Republicans with anti-union positions, decided to skip this forum instead of interacting with this community. It should be noted that Fletcher is also a Republican but he had the courage to be present and represent himself.

   The City of San Diego is a diverse city with many different perspectives. Especially now that it has a strong mayor form of government, the mayor should try to represent and hear from different points of views, weighing the pros and cons, and then make an informed decision. With Dumanis and DeMaio skipping this forum they are basically telling these voters that they are not interested in their concerns, issues, or points of view!

   Perhaps what is more damning is that Dumanis nor DeMaio don’t have enough faith or belief in themselves to come before what is perceived as unfriendly audience and fight for what they believe in most. If they can’t fight for themselves, how can we have faith they will fight for the city during those times of hardship and confrontation?

   Instead Dumanis and DeMaio chose to sit on the sidelines and watch this parade go by. This is too bad. The city needs leaders not kibitzers.

   For the two candidates who did attend, Nathan Fletcher demonstrated courage and a belief in himself. He believed in his vision for the city and had the courage to defend his positions. If anything Fletcher won the respect of the audience and probably won a few converts.

   For Bob Filner, the lone Democrat in the race, this audience was his audience to begin with. It was primarily a Democratic audience, consisting of many union backers who have supported him over the many years of his political career. If it had been an unfriendly audience, we believe Filner would have still shown up, based on his history of participating in both friendly and hostile forums.

   We hope that San Diegans – even those who did not attend the forum, have learned something about the character of all four mayoral contenders.

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3 thoughts on “Dumanis and DeMaio demonstrate a lack of character by avoiding debate

  1. You have got to be kidding. There are several candidates still considering running for the seat including at least one elected official and it is disrespectful on the part of the organization to hold forums now to try and force their hands.All of the candidates should have avoided the forum out of respect for the process.

  2. Yes it is true that the filing deadline for the mayor’s race is still months off, but for your consideration major endorsements are already being made and partisan organizations have already selected their slate of candidates for election. To single out one organization for early involvement with the election process is unfair. The same day as the debate the police selected and endorsed their man for mayor. Mayor Sanders has already made his choice for mayor already known; this and many more have made early decisions. The forum was not to endorse a candidate, but to ask questions that were relevant to this audience and allow the candidates the opportunity to respond and present their vision for the city, which I believe, is never too early. The more we know about the candidates the better we can make a decision when it comes time to vote. –The editor

  3. Ted Lawrence has taken an apologist stance in favor of the two candidates who prefer to hide rather than get out in the community and interact with potential voters and supporters. Whether out at forums or otherwise. Perhaps this might have something to do with one crafty candidate’s churlish demeanor that possibly could turn voters off? The other candidate has so many ethical problems and enemies in the community due to the tyrannical attitude she has engendered against medical marijuana patients and others. People aligned against her quietly bid their time until she is FORCED to show up at public events. This bogus reasoning that it is “discourteous” to debate before the filing deadline in March is a bunch of poppycock. It is one candidate’s excuse to HIDE and nothing more.

    I applaud La Prensa for this very worthy editorial that sums up the distaste many political observers currently feel in regard to the games being played here. The real winner has been Nathan Fletcher, who continues to rack up excellent endorsements from worthy backers and seems to be impressing many voters with his willingness to step up to the plate and debate.

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