Building Bridges with Israel

May 19, 2017

By Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

Arturo Castañares, CEO
of La Prensa San Diego (left), and
Sam Grundwerg, Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles.

The Consul General of Israel for the Southwestern U.S., Sam Grundwerg, visited San Diego on Thursday, May 11, and gave the La Prensa San Diego Publisher and editorial team the tremendous opportunity to discuss the relationship between the Latino and Israeli communities.

Grundwerg, who was appointed Consul General of Israel in April 2016 and assumed his post in August, began by telling La Prensa San Diego that he believes the family values, beliefs, and cultures that the Latino community upholds are aligned with the values that Israeli people hold true.

Both communities, he said, tend to value family, religion, and customs to a high standard and they both work on preserving their history.

Grundwerg hopes that through his work and efforts, he can build a bridge between both Latino and Israeli communities in the United States and can increase cooperation and communication among these.

Working hand-in-hand with Mexican consulates in Southern California is one of the ways in which the Israeli Consul in Los Angeles aims to connect expatriates from these nations and the communities around them.

On the topic of President Trump’s upcoming visit to Israel this month, Grundwerg said the Israeli people will be in good spirits during the presidential tour. This, as Trump’s visit coincides with a week of celebration in Israel.

Israel will be celebrating 69 years of independence and Grundwerg highlighted that U.S.-Israel relations are positive between both nations because the U.S. recognizes the sovereignty of the Israeli State.

He said he is optimistic of the relationship.

The Consul wrapped up his visit by congratulating La Prensa San Diego writer Eduardo Rueda for his article “Un Recorrido Por Israel.” Rueda traveled to Israel to learn more about the culture, tradition, and day-today life in Israel. The focus of the trip was to report news from Israel in the U.S. in Spanish.

Grundwerg expressed his admiration for the stories published in La Prensa about Israel.

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