September 29, 2000

Tezozomoc Speaks


What the gabachos at San Diego State are trying to do with the AZTEC Nation not even the Hidalgos could do. Que truco! What a bunch of ojetes they are along with the few Hispanics pretending to be AZTECAS… like Matt Camarillo! Esos fregados have gotten under the eagle feathers of a real Jaguar Azteca: Atzleca. Last heard he is sending out an alambre to la Nacion Azteca!


Que risa, to listen to el Gringo más racist, Roger Hedgecock, take on the San Diego State College, over their babosada of trying to get rid of the AZTEC logo of the school. Heck there is even hope for Roger. Maybe all this platica of a more compassionate Republican party is beginning to take hold on Mr. Right-Winger himself.


Supervisor Ron Roberts and Judge Murphy doing their Hispanic thing. They have participated in a "Latino Mayoral Debate." Though hailed it as a "first ever" in the Latino community. Pues ni modo! Evidently esta gente never heard of the Chicano Democratic Association, The Spanish Political Association, The G.I. Forum and many other assorted groups that have held Mayoral Forums, debates etc… Ni modo, but remember gente: "Never Trust a Gringo speaking Spanish nor a Mexican smoking cigars!"


The "trinquete" de Los PADRES y la Alcaldesa Golding is a pleato that Stallings should not buck off from. Everyone caught with their hands in this GIVE AWAY is trying to make Valerie Stallings the heavy. If she takes the fall, all the other scallywags will get away with the biggest rip-off of the century. Hang in there Valerie, el Jefe won't stay quiet while Mayor Susan Golding, Councilman Juan Vargas, George Stevens, Christine Kehoe, Bryon Wear, Barbara Warden, Judy McCarty, Harry Mathis and the city manager and city attorney get away free. They all will leave soon and leave all the citizens heavily in debt for the rest of their lives.

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