September 29, 2000

SWC Students Offered Guaranteed Admission to UC Santa Cruz

Chula Vista, Ca. — Southwestern College's Guaranteed Admission for Transfer Entry (GATE) students are now insured admittance to the University of California at Santa Cruz. Upon satisfactory completion of the UCSD GATE requirements, Southwestern College GATE students will have their academic performance reviewed in advance of the regular application process. Therefore, if adjustments are necessary, there is time to revise. UCSC is currently accepting transfer admission agreements for the fall term now through October 15.

To apply for the GATE program, students planning to transfer must: (1) have completed a minimum of 30 UC transferable semester units of course work at the time of application, (2) have fewer than 20 units completed at a four-year institution, (3) have at least a 2.8 (GPA, and (4) be enrolled at a participating California community college. Students who have international records from colleges and universities outside the U.S. are not eligible for GATE.

The benefits of participating in such a program include early review of academic records; early notification that admission to UCSC is guaranteed; opportunities for advising regarding major preparation, general education, and/or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum requirements; and informational mailings and invitations to events.

In addition to UCSC, Southwestern College has additional guaranteed admission agreements with other four-year colleges and universities. For more information on the UCSC GATE program, call the Southwestern College Transfer Center at (619) 482-6472.

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