September 29, 2000

Quetzalcoatl must be turning in his grave


Eight hundred years before the Christian calendar came into being a Nahuatl - speaking people, the "Toltecas" became dominant in Central America. They built the city of Tollan north of present day Mexico City, which would later become the home of the mighty AZTECS. The Toltecs worshiped Quetzal-coatl who was worshiped through out the previous history of Mexico.

Among the tribes in Mexico, in the 12th Century, were the AZTECS, the Crane People, they were fierce warriors, which founded Tenoch-titlán, or Cactus Rock, in the Lake of Mexico, in 1325. They ruled they battled and conquered the Toltecs and all other tribes. They solidified their control by intermarrying with families of Toltec descent. Tenochtitlan was built as a city to conduct commerce and as a place to worship their Gods. The Emperor of all that the Aztecs ruled was the UEITLATOANI, (The Great Spokesman.) By the end of the 15th century, the mighty warriors, the AZTECS dominated Mezo America. It was not until the Conquistadors came, in 1519, that the Aztec empire ended.

The Conquistadors, taking a page from the Aztecs, intermarried with the ranking families and began the process of Mestizaje, the creation of today's MEXICANOS.

It is in those bodies where the genes of their Aztec forefathers reside and in their veins through which their Aztec blood flows, as well as those of their Spanish forefathers.

The Aztec Nation, as well as the Mexican Mestizos, are probably wondering: who are these small pueblo Indian tribes who dare to speak for the mighty AZTEC-MEXICAN Nation?????

Who are these Pale faces that dare to say what is offensive or what is a sense of pride to them? ASK THE AZTEC NATION AND THEIR MESTIZO OFFSPRING whether the use by the San Diego State University of the AZTEC name or whether "Monty Montezuma" should use the Aztec dress in his performances!

The offspring of California's gambling tribes should not presume to speak for the Aztec nation!

(The historical review is not intended to be an all-inclusive review of all the Indian nations of all of Latin America.)

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