September 27, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Chismes de Barrio Logan: Parents complaining over heavy- handed way some teachers are handling their chavalitos at Memorial Charter School. If you happen to walk down the hallways and see a chicanito/a sitting on a stool wearing a DUNCE HAT that’s the way some of the teachers are punishing the children for inappropriate behavior in the classroom!

PREGUNTA: When do they break out the belts and spanking boards?????

Un pajarito whispered in Tezzy’s ear that D.A. Paul Pfingst is sitting on a sensitive investigation of a National City Councilman. The Catholic Bishops don’t have anything on Pfingst when it comes to a cover up.

Petra Bajaras has Mary Salas and Steve Padilla worried? Petra is running a write in campaign for Mayor of Chula Vista! Interested voters may contact her at 619-498-1723. Petra and May Salas have something in common. They both want to know how come (por qué) Padilla is drawing $112,000 in salary when he misses council meetings 33% of the time. That adds up to 101 days that Steve hasn’t bothered to show up for Council meetings!

PREGUNTA: How come Mayor Shirley Horton kept paying his check? Is it because he was a REPUBLICAN COP?

Southwestern College Union types at it again. Remember all the members of the Union are suppose to be educated and able to read and write. They tried to attack the Jaguar Superintendent for making a trip to Mexico City. Unfortunately these educators didn’t know how to read English or be able to add 1 + 1=2 and come up with the answer that the Trustees had authorized el viaje in order for the President, Dr. Zasueta to tie down lose ends for a student exchange program, and to gather content for SEC educational programs. All legal and approved. I am beginning to wonder where these professors received their education??? Probably same place where Trustee Agosto got his.

Superintendent Alan Bersin making his movida before the next election to the Board of Trustees. He is trying to force another extension to his contract while he still has three votes. After November 5th El Señor Bersin may find himself out of a job! La palabra is that El Super Bersin hired a public relations firm to help him improve his image. Will this work with Flo Zimmerman or John de Beck? NI MODO!

PREGUNTA: When is the ethics Commission going to check Mayor Dick Murphy’s ethics for appointing such a compromised Citizens Task Force Commission to decide whether the city will pay zillions of taxpayer dollars to build a new football stadium for zillioner Alex Spanos? What a set up... Shades of Susan Golding. Are all Republicans Vendidos? OOPS, forgot, the Ethics committee is loaded with Attorney buddies of former Judge Murphy. Can we ask for a Grand Jury Investigation??? OOPS again! All members of the Grand Jury are appointed by Judges and are under the control of the D.A. Pfingst!

El Jefito receiving too many unsigned letters from citizens who have honest complaints about unsavory characters or issues. Gente, El Jefito can’t print letters without your name and telephone number. If you want to protect your identity, tell the editor. We will so indicate in your letter if it makes it into our pages. We cannot investigate issues brought forth unless your complaint has a valid signature and the editors decide that the issue is something that we wish to publicize.

Adios... Hasta la otra.


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