September 27, 2002

Scores of Libraries to Hold Reading The Grapes of Wrath Programs

More than 140 libraries up and down the State of California will hold Grapes of Wrath programs, starting this week and running through October, as part of California Stories: Reading The Grapes Wrath project.

Libraries are planning a wide range of events, including family history days, musical events, scholar-led discussions and dramatic readings. There’s even a food and clothing drive planned by one library (Chula Vista library) to benefit families of farm workers and a Grapes of Wrath read-a-thon scheduled by another at a local Krispy Kreme–for those who like their Steinbeck with doughnuts and coffee.

Reflecting the enormous diversity of California, Libraries have requested copies of The Grapes of Wrath in English, Spanish, Khmer and Vietnamese and are planning discussions and other activities in these languages.

A number of libraries will show, The Grapes of Wrath, the 1940 Academy Award-winning film directed by John Ford and starring Henry Fonda as Tom Joad, as well as more current films such as El Norte, and Academy Award-nominated film about the journey of a Guatemalan brother and sister to America and a.k.a. Don Bonus, a video diary about the life of a teenage refugee from Cambodia.

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