September 27, 2002

General Election 2002

Where are your Candidates and Party when you need them?

By Daniel L. Muñoz

Candidate Denise Ducheny represented the 79th Assembly Districted for six (6) years until she was termed out. As their political representative for three terms, Ducheny managed to do little to improve the lot of the district’s residents.

Assemblyman Juan Vargas has completed a term of office, as Mrs. Duchenys’ replacement in the 79th Assembly District. It is clear that he has also been incapable or unwilling to act in behalf of the Districts residents. The 79th Assembly District was and is home to the most economically oppressed people in the County of San Diego. The residents are poor, lack proper medical care, and are forced to live in the most depressed barrios, ghettos, and communities of the County.

Both Assemblyman Juan Vargas and former Assemblywoman Ducheny were creations of the local and statewide Democratic Party establishment. The Democratic Party along with its elected representatives ignored the needs of the Barrios, ghettos and working class neighborhoods. Their schools are the most run down, poorly staffed, under funded and their students are regularly found in the bottom rungs in educational attainment. Children raised under these conditions are under educated, lack the proper nutritional food for their survival needs and their fathers and mothers are chronically unemployed or underemployed.

The families of the 79th remain in the bottom rungs of the economic scales and most are forced to ask for welfare, food stamps, and free medical care. Worse of all they are forced to live in areas that have become the dumping grounds for all those unwanted members of the underclass city. The Barrios, ghettos, and working class neighborhoods are the disposal areas where middle and upper class White America hides what their sins of omission have created …. A throwaway society.

With the vast experience that Denise Ducheny claims to have accumulated, while serving as the 79th District Assembly person, she is now expanding her vision and is running to represent a far larger political District: the 40th state Senatorial District.

The new Democratic gerrymandered 40th Senatorial District includes 100% of the registered voters of Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach, and National City. It also includes 18.9 % San Diego City, 1.8% of Bonita, 10.8% scattered in between San Diego County and Imperial County voters. With a leap of gerrymandering to try to assure a Democratic lock on the 40th Senatorial District, our fearless leaders in Sacramento included 100% of the voters in the Imperial/Riverside Cities of Blyth, Cathedral City, Coachella, Indio, East Blythe, Mecca, and Thousand Palms. Spread out amongst the desert sands is another 19.5 % voters. In the process 142,361 new voters were added to the new 40th Senatorial District. Of these 49,923 are registered voters: 26,294 Democrats and 14,488 Republicans from the Imperial Valley/Riverside Counties.

In San Diego County, the Democratic Party shows 33, 803 registered Democrats and 27,329 Registered Republicans in Chula Vista. Coronado will provide 2,671 Democrats and 6,295 Republicans. Imperial Beach will chime in with 4,264 Democrats and 3,970 Republican voters. National City will bring to Democrats 8,898 voters and the Republicans will have to do with 4,385 voters. San Diego City will bring 37,366 Democrats to vote while the Republicans will have to do with 17,780 registered voters. Bonita will add their massive voter totals of 38 Democratic voters and 47 Republican voters to the polls. There will be another 35.3 Democrats and 40.8 Republicans somewhere out there in the 40th to add to the totals.

Needless to say the 500-pound gorilla in this whole equation is the 88,480 registered Democrats and 61,472 Republicans in the San Diego County area. The 49,923 registered voters in the Imperial/Riverside County are the sacrificial victims, i.e. the throw away victims, of this callous gerrymandering.

The Black and Brown Minorities and the poor underclass well know what it is to be an (d)EMOCRAT, with a small (d), and be on the tail end of the receiving line when the Democrats are in power. Candidate Denise Ducheny demonstrated to us what it meant to be an (d)EMOCRAT and Hispanic after 3 terms in office. NADA! Elected Latinos have demonstrated that being a Latino means nothing!

Follow the money trail and you know who their masters are and it isn’t the voters! Don’t believe it? Take a walk through the barrios and ghettos and see where our people are at after generations of being loyal Democrats. You want to know who will own Denise Ducheny if she gets elected? Check out her financial statements and see who is donating the big bucks! Check out Assemblyman Juan Vargas financial statements while you are at it.

Does this mean that wily-Nellie we will jump from the Democratic frying pan into the burning fires offered by the Republicans? Don’t think so! Both parties are going to have to come to real terms with the Mexican American voter. They are tired and disgusted from being used by both parties. We have fought too many wars in behalf of our country (Yes, I mean America). The bill is way over due. Being a small (d)EMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN is not acceptable.

Listing of some of Duchenys’ major donors:

Major financial supporters (Those that will control her votes) include: MidAmerica Energy Holding Companies, McMillan Promotions, Building Owners & Managers Association, Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, California Medical Association, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, California Hotel & Lodging Assoc., San Diego County Apartment Association, California Bankers Assoc., Qualcom California Real Estate. PAC, California Apartment Assoc., Phillips Petroleum, ChevronTexico Corp., SEMPRA, San Diego, Pardee Construction, Pacific Telesis-SBC Communications, Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, AT&T, Pechanga Band of Mission Indians. . .and the list goes on and on. Now you know why Ducheney or Vargas has their hands tied. These are just some of the folks that control your elected officials!

Name: Denise Moreno Ducheny
Occupation: ATTORNEY
Candidate for State Senate 40th District
Previous Office Held: Assemblywoman, 79th Assembly District

North County Latino Democrats

The next meeting of the North County Latino Democrats will take place on Sunday, October 6 at 4:00 p.m. It will be held at Casa Linda Restaurant at 721 S Santa Fe in Vista.

Guest speaker will be a representative from the League of Women Voter’s. During the month of October, North County Latino Democrats will be sponsoring classes for first time voters. Date and location for the classes will be announced at the October 6 meeting. Tickets for the North County Democratic Unity 2002 dinner with Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante and California Democratic Party Chairman, Art Torres will be available until Thursday, October 3. The event will take place on October 5 at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.

The meeting is open to all that support the mission of the North County Latino Democrats; to contribute to the growth and influence of Latinos in the Democratic Party. For questions or more information, call 760/436-6348 or write to

Latinos Back O’Connell For State Superintendent of Public Instruction

The Jack O’Connell campaign announced endorsements from Latino leaders and groups from across the state, including Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante, Congresswomen Loretta Sanchez and Hilda Solis, Latino Caucus Chairman Assembly Member Marco Firebaugh, past Caucus Chairman State Senator Richard Polanco, California State Senators Liz Figueroa and Gloria Romero, Assembly Members Manny Diaz, Dario Frommer and Simon Salinas, as well as the United Farm Workers and the California Latino Superintendents Association.

Asian-American Community Unites Behind Candidate Shirley Horton

The local Asian-Americans kicked off “Asian-Americans for Shirley Horton.” Shirley Horton is currently the only Asian-American Mayor in San Diego County, and after having been elected in November, Shirley Horton will be the only Asian-American from San Diego to serve in Congress, State Senate, Assembly, County Board of Supervisors, or San Diego City Council.

Local supporters include Dan Hom, Susan Lew, Joe Horiye, Jeff Lin, Robert Ito, Margaret Iwanaga Penrose, Diana Chuh, Andrew Lee, Calvin Woo, and Alan Camaissa.

A seperate Filipino organization formed to support Shirley Horton has been active for some two months in Paradise Hills and Chula Vista, areas which have a higher than average Filipino population.

“I have always had strong Filipino support because I have been active with the local Filipino community for years, not just when I was running for office,” said Horton. “I grew up in Paradise Hills, which is one of the heartlands of the local Filipino community, and I went to Robert E. Lee Elementary which is the local school.”

North County Unity Dinner

Saturday, October 5th, North County Unity 2002 Dinner. 5:30 - VIP reception, 7:00 - Dinner and program.. Speakers include Congressman Bob Filner, CDP Chair Art Torres, with special guest, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustanmenate. Entertainment by Reggie Sledge. Reception and dinner $150, dinner $75 ($650 for a table for 10). (Students, call for special discounted rates and volunteer opportunities.) At the California Center for the Arts, 340 N. Escondido Blvd, Escondido. Info: (760) 436-6348, or

Requesting Absentee Ballots

Monday, October 7th. First Day to Request Absentee Ballot by mail. You can download the form to request an absentee ballot at

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