September 27, 2002


President George Bush Charged With Failure of Being Presidential

After so many months of silence the Democratic Party finally found its voice and began to act and behave like the loyal opposition that was so markedly absent since 9/11.

First came the blistering attack from former Vice President Al Gore who said bluntly “From the outset, the administration has operated in a manner calculated to please the portion of its base that occupies the far right, at the expense of the solidarity among all of us as Americans and the solidarity between our country and our allies.” In the process the former Vice President was stating in no uncertain terms that President George W. Bush was totally lacking in acting Presidential in coping with international problems. He dare to say what even members of the Presidents own party failed to point out to the president: In international issues that: he must deal as the leader and representative of the whole country and not as the mouth piece of the most radical of his own party. He failed to be Presidential and deal with the interests of America on a world wide level. He failed to deal on the basis of what was the best for the United States, its allies and friends and the world.

Surprisingly, even though the Democratic leadership held the power in the Senate, they had failed to speak out as the loyal opposition and represent the interests of the nation. Aroused by the sight of their former Vice President Al Gore, who holds no public office, leading Democrats finally picked up the challenge and thundered out in defense of the nation.

Democratic Majority Leader Tom Daschle stood up in front of all the members of the Senate and thundered out a denunciation of the President and his policies. He demanded an apology from the President for saying that the Senate was “not interested in the security of the American people”! These were strange words from a President who avoided his duty of serving in defense of his country! Daschle rightly accused the President for in a sense playing politics with his supposed “War” on terrorism in order to assure his and his Republican Party reelection.

In fact, the President failed to be a Statesman. He failed to carry out the best policies in the interests of America as a whole and in the interests of its Allies and Nation State friends. Friends that could be counted on to assist in case a “rogue” state decided to war on the weaker countries! He charged the President with playing politics on the subject about war, life and death.

What Senator Tom Daschle was pointing out to our President was that he fail to rise over the level of bar room politics and rise to the level of a national/international leader who happened to be the President of the worlds most powerful nation. He drove Al Gore’s message home, it is his sworn responsibility to act in behalf of the entire nation and not just the extreme Right wing members of his own party.

Evidently, the President forgot that he is also the Commander in Chief of all the Armed forces in this country. There are Democrats, Republicans, Socialist, Libertarians, Muslims, etc. He must be the leader of a very diverse nation. He will bear the burden for sending thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines to their deaths if he fails to make diplomacy work. War is only pretty and heroic in the movies. In reality it is a murderous undertaking that makes little sense to the foot soldier that is sent to their deaths because of the stupitity of their civilian leaders. Who in general never see or smell the burning end of a gun barrel.

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