September 26, 2003

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Big Afternoon For Zotoluco and Gutierrez in Tijuana

As Gary Sloan, our Tijuana correspondent, didn’t send his review in time for publication, this week’s Bullfight World edition consists of notes.

An excellent herd of bulls from Celia Barbabosa allowed big triumphs for Eulalio López “El Zotoluco” and Alfredo Gutiérrez, last Sunday, in Plaza Monumental de Tijuana. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good day for Miguelito “Armillita”, who failed to triumph with either of his bulls.

El Zotoluco and Gutiérrez each cut four ears and a tail. The last bull of the day inspired a petition for the indulto, which was not granted.

The triumph has set up a possible Oct. 19 date in which El Zotoluco and Gutiérrez may perform in a mano-a-mano. Such has not been officially announced.



During a pachanga celebrated, last weekend, in Ciudad Real, Spain, a cow of brave blood leaped into the stands, injuring 17 persons, including three who were hospitalized.


Mexican ace Alejandro Amaya, of Tijuana, closed his Spanish campaign, Sept. 14, with a big afternoon in Alcorisa, in the Province of Teruel, receiving one ear. He missed the second ear when he encountered troubles with the descabello.

In the same afternoon, Manuel Díaz “El Cordobés” cut four ears, while Jesús Millan cut one ear.


During the last corrida of the Feria de Zacatecas, before a ¾-filled plaza, bulls of Real de Saltillo were presented to Jorge Carmona, Alejandro Amaya, and Spanish Matador Leandro Marcos. Carmona received ovations. Amaya won an ear, and the Spaniard received two ears.


“The Little Giant” Eloy Cavazos won ears and tail, this past weekend, in Can-cún. His bull was from the ranch of Pepe Garfias. Manolo Espinosa cut one ear, while Mariano Ramos and Jorge Avila were applauded for their efforts.


It wasn’t a great day for Xavier Ocampo, last Sunday, in Júarez. Although he cut an ear from his first bull, his second bull received the three avisos and was returned, alive, to the corrals. So, Ocampo bought a gift bull, but was unable to register a triumph.

In the same afternoon, Ricardo Loredo heard nothing but silence for his efforts, while Atanasio Velásquez was applauded. The bulls of La Tienta were very difficult.


The world’s greatest rejoneador, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, will perform in Plaza Monumental de Tijuana, Oct. 12. The balance of the card has not been announced. On that afternoon, this reporter will be honored with an homenaje, celebrating his 50 years as a bullfight photographer.

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