September 24, 2004

Election 2004 endorsements


Beginning with this week’s edition, La Prensa San Diego will editorialize on all the ballot measures that merit our support.

Proposition 59 would amend the Constitution to give the public the right of access to meetings of government bodies and writings of government officials. It will preserve specified constitutional rights and retains existing exclusions for certain meetings and records.

La Prensa San Diego recommends a YES vote. This will provide you with a constitutional right of access to government information. This will provide a greater transparency in to what our government is doing and make it more difficult to do the governments business in secret.

Proposition 60 would amend the State Constitution to require in a general election that the top vote getters from each party, in a State Primary, be advanced to the general election. This would provide the voters the ability to choose, from the top vote getters from whatever party he chooses. This will give the voters a choice of all the candidates that win in the Primary instead of just being able to vote for only your party’s top candidate. In a sense we would have a choice of the best vote getters and of differing points of view..

La Prensa recommends a YES Vote on Proposition 60. We will be provided an opportunity to vote for candidates of different opinions other than that of the party bosses.

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