September 22, 2000

Community Voice

Doing Work in the Community is Living by the Golden Rule

By Cynthia O'Neill

As a new owner of a condo in City Heights, I see every day the huge job to be done in caring for the community. To live in the most ethnically diverse community in San Diego is to face a multitude of challenges—and opportunities.

One of the first challenges in daily life in City Heights is to maintain a positive attitude in spite of the problems: graffiti, litter, unruly neighbors and various crimes. Creating positive change lies in the willingness to do some work. The chores include picking up trash and painting over graffiti. I can help an older neighbor or be a role model through a school program or social services like Partners Mentoring. Doing these things is living by the Golden Rule.

Yet another way of creating change is to go to community meetings, such as the Problem-Solving Group, which meets every Wednesday in the Police Storefront Station, at 3636 University Avenue. This particular group discusses and exchanges ideas for improving the neighborhood. People have the opportunity to meet others who truly care about the community. For example, one group meets regularly to clean out literally tons of trash from the canyons.

With all the problems and challenges, it is a miracle that so many people within the area do get along well. It's our responsibility to safeguard the miracle—through the Golden Rule.

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