September 22, 2000


La Politica Chicana got hot within MAPA ranks. Deana Cervantez chairwoman of the Rialto Mexican American Political Association resigned! She cited lack of leadership at the state and regional levels. Lupe Sanchez also resigned as chairman of the Redlands chapter of MAPA. Sanchez cited dishonesty, misguided political causes and ongoing problems at the regional and state levels. Gil Navarro, Chair of the San Bernardino chapter said "Good riddance to Cervantez leaving "she is a complainer." Dee Ortega former Regional director said: I am relieved that those two have resigned. Must be getting hot in the valley! Mucho caliente down there. Orale gente this a bad time for having family squabbles. Don't forget who the enemy is... All the Pete Wilson people in office!!!



Deep Throat from National City discovered that candidate Nick Inzunza, who is running for the council seat his father, Ralph Inzunza vacated is giving his fathers former home at 3037 Cagle St. in National City as his home. In fact, Ralph Inzunza sold his former home to Jose L & Alejandra Muñoz (no relation to el Jefito!) on April 21, 1999! Following in his father's footsteps, Honest Nick gives his mailing address as the Cagel St. home. He does own a home at 1416 E. 18th St. in National City but he doesn't live in it! Pos with the class of candidates running this year there was no need for este "PEDO." Guess it runs in the family though.


Dee Dee Castro, who is a Republican out of a bad habit, checked in with el Jefito. Guess she is wondering like everyone else wot happen to all the hispunnnnnic republicans in San Diego. Quién sabe Dee Dee.


Seems Chicano Federation got ticked off for Tezzy Speaking out for crossing the Union picket lines at the Del Coronado Hotel to hold their fundraiser. David Villadolid, Chair sent el Jefito a Fax in which he stated there was NO official strike at the Hotel. That they were having "informational pickets." Mr. Valladolid in an aside said, "I still believe the truth counts for something. Inferring that we were lying.

We shall quote a Press release from Jef Eatchel, Secretary Treasurer of Local 30, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union: "On September 16, politicians will march with Hotel Del Coronado Employees from Spreckles Park to Hotel Del Coronado to denounce the violence which the Hotel Del Coronado committed against the strikers on Sept. 2nd .The Hotel Del Security attacked its own employees for peacefully picketing on the sidewalk and on the beach. "The violence was captured on KUSI-9." A local Judge on Sept. 6 dissolved a temporary Restraining order in effect against the hotel employees. The Hotel was ordered to refrain from further attacking the picketing workers. On Sept. 9th, Mr. Valladolid, you and your group BROKE THE PICKET LINES and went against your own people who are the majority of the strikers. I KNOW YOU HAD $25,000 BIG ONES you didn't want to loose so you sacrificed our people for greed… THAT MY FRIEND IS THE TRUTH!

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