September 22, 2000

Bullfight World...
by Lyn Sherwood

Everybody Cuts in Tijuana Corrida

A rather large crowd, some 10,000, was on hand to witness the 10th corrida of the 2000 temporada, celebrated at Pepe Lopez Hurtado's "Beautiful Bullring by The Sea." The card featured the rejoneador Giovani Aloi; the maestro from Monterrey, Eloy Cavazos; Tijuanense César Catañeda; and "El Cuate" Espinosa, facing a herd of bulls from El Vergel.


With his first toro, "Patrida," Eloy gave his typical lídia, passing rather wide on both sides. The crowd, of course, went wild. He finished with a good sword and was awarded a gift ear. With his second animal, "Figura," Cavazos opened with good Verónicas, finishing with a nice media Verónica. After dedicating the bull to "El Giraldes," Eloy gave a better faena. Showing temple on both sides, Eloy placed a good sword, but needed three attempts with the descabello. Vuelta.


Overall, César hasn't demonstrated much progress in his toreo, this season, but last Sunday, he did. With his first bull, "Debutante," he had a lot of trouble with the capote. He did not place the sticks. However, with the muleta, César was great, showing grand temple and dominio on both sides. After a good sword and one descabello, he cut an ear, hearing strong petition for the second.

With his second toro, "Amigo," there was not much with the capote. César placed three pairs of sticks and delivered a good faena. Working to both sides, he failed to win awards. Nevertheless, this reporter must say that this was the first time that César has risen above his previous level and showed promise of good things to come.

El Cuate

We haven't seen much of this torero in Tijuana, but on this afternoon, he shined. With mixed results with the capote, he progressed to a great faena with his first bull, Unico, doing it all on both sides and demonstrating great temple and control. He ended with a grand estocada to cut two ears. With his second toro, "Indepen-dente," he again triumphed with a grand faena on both sides and another great sword. One ear.

In all, a good afternoon.

...Gary Sloan


Curro Rivera, on the comeback trail, appeared in San Miguel de Allende, Sept. 16, facing bulls of Jorge Hernandes Andrés. Rivera cut two ears from his second bull, while his alternates, Mariano Ramos was ovationed and Fermin Spinola cut one ear.


Spanish Novillero Jaime Reyes, who suffered a very grave goring, Aug. 17, during which his femoral artery was ruptured, has encountered threatening complications. Due to an infection, which continues to spread, doctors are still not certain whether or not they can save the youngster's leg. He has already endured five surgeries.


In Juriquilla, Queretaro, last week, a full house greeted bulls of Barralva, which were faced by Rafael Ortega, Alfredo Gutierrez, and the Spaniard Antonio Barrera. Ortega won one ear, as did Gutierrez. But, the triunfador was Barrera, who cut two ears and heard strong petition for the tail.


Eloy Cavazos and Jorge Gutierrez both registered triumphs, Sept. 16, in Juriquilla, Queretaro. Facing bulls of Vergel, De Santiago, and Marco Garfias, Cavazos won one ear from his first bull, then returned to win two ears from his second. Gutiérrez, following a splendid faena, cut two ears from his first bull, but lost the ears from his second when he encountered difficulties with the steel.

The third matador, José Daniel Ayala was unable to cut. It was the same story with rejoneador Geovanni Aloi, who required three rejones de muerte to dispatch his bull.


Several Spanish matadores have been booked to perform in Mexican plazas de toros this coming winter. Among the Spanish rejoneadores who are scheduled to see action in Mexico are Andy Cartagena, Fernando Bohorquez, and Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza.

It is also known that efforts are being initiated to sign the Portuguese Joao.

Mexican novillero Antonio Bricio is expected to take his alternativa in La Plaza Mexico. Another Mexican novillero who is causing interest is Alejandro Amaya, who has spent the summer season in Spain.

And rumors still persist that El Juli will repeat his last November's performance in Tijuana. One can only hope, however, that if he does, he won't do an instant replay. In last November's performance, he milked an indulto from a bull that in no way qualified for the honor.


The Director General of the Politica Interior in La Rioja, Spain has imposed sanctions against certain toreros for their illegal actions this season. Among those receiving fines ranging from 30,000 to a million pesetas are Francisco Rivera Ordoñez and Julian López "El Juli," for violations during the first acts. The ranch of Manuel San Román was also fined for violations of horn-shaving and other offenses.

Ciao, for now.

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