September 22, 2000

Chapter XVI
By Jeannine Diego

Third Chorus

Dear Maria Thereza...

I don't know if you've spoken to Jen about what she did while in Tijuana-San Diego. Perhaps you already know, so please forgive my having to bore you with the details of what took place, but as it turns out, we celebrated Jen's birthday in the company of the hundreds of strangers in our hotel. I thought to touch on this with you, since I thought you might have a few words to say with regard to that strange turn of events. The seemingly impermeable membrane of tension and mutual suspicion that was broken had as much to do with chance as with the natural consequence of things. I wonder what would have happened if it would have been me, or you, sitting out by the hotel room on that fateful morning when the courageous stranger first approached Jen. I don't know that I would have responded in the same way. It brings to mind the conversations that we had while you were here, about involving ourselves in realities which seem so foreign to our own, about the risks that are inherent to that involvement. I'd like to know your thoughts on these issues, on how you've assimilated what you experienced in Tijuana-San Diego, now that you've had some distance and time to digest it.

Take care... Jeannine



I'm jealous of where you are right now. Have a drink for me under the stars...

Joseph called me last night from Windsor, Ontario. He says the boys are all still there in the hotel, but now they really can't leave the hotel at all so they stay in the courtyard all day. His brother is still there, Philip is still there, George is still there. In a couple of weeks they will get into the USA where they will go to live in a refugee camp in LA (!) for a few more weeks, and then, finally, go to their new homes. Sounds bleak.

Say hi to Diego for me when you talk to him, and ask him to stop by the hotel (if he's not there already) to say hello to the boys.

x Jen


…to be continued…


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