September 22, 2000


San(to) Diego No Match For The `Padres' John & Larry

How long is it going to take for the overwhelmed Mayor and her Eight Council lightweights to realize that they have been made to look like total incompetents by the PADRES Larry Luciano and John Moores? The City Treasury must look like the easiest vault in the world to raid. Like pirates of old, PADRES John and Larry not only are cleaning out the bank of all its treasure but in the process also conned the "SANTOS & SANTAS" Golding, Kehoe, Stallings, Vargas, Wear, Mathis, Warden, McCarty & Stevens to sign over part of downtown San Diego to Messrs. Luciano and Moores for little or nothing. This billion-dollar give away is unparallel in the annals of California history.

Why should we be surprised? Do the citizens of San Diego really believe that every shark in the world is not aware of the total ineptitude the Mayor, the City Council, the City Attorney, and the City (mis-manager)? Our city is up for grabs! Why aren't we shocked when the former city manager Jack McGrory became a highly paid employee of the PADRE organization? The give-away of the city began under `his watch.' It was obvious that Susan Golding was nothing but a willing pawn to his machinations. How else can you explain the hapless Charger ticket guarantee? How else can you explain the city SANTOS/as rush to tear down portions of the Football stadium in order to provide Charger owner Alex Spanos with multi-million dollar expansion with luxury boxes from which he collects all the money. Mr. Spanos has no shame. He doesn't back up to the City Treasurer's office to collect the millions of dollars in ticket guarantees.

PADRES Luciano (lucky) is a man from the big city, New York. He is used to dealing with small town hicks, such as we have. It's like taking candy from a baby. At the rate Luciano & Moores are going, it wouldn't surprise me if the mayor and council sign over the City Hall over to them for a Padre Ticket office.

Why do I gloat every time I see the $21 million Ryan Leaf go out and lose another game? I should cry because it means another 60,000 tickets have to be bought by Mayor Susan Golding's city. But it really makes me feel good in a perverse way to know that Spanos also makes idiot mistakes.

Does anyone really care if a baseball stadium is built across from the Convention Center? I don't. And I suspect Luciano and Moores don't care either. They got what they really wanted in the first place… half of downtown San Diego for next to nothing! That is the real prize. The Players don't need a new massive stadium. A renovated sand lot would be fine. That's all that most `minor league teams' play in. Lets face it folks what you see is what you got! Lane field was great for the old PADRES. At the moment it's too good for the losers that now dare call themselves PADRES!

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