September 21, 2001


War or Diplomacy?

Arrogance or Greatness?

War hysteria has inflicted the President, his cabinet and a great number of the Republican & Democratic members of Congress. One has to wonder if the terrorist act has unnerved the government to the point that it has forgotten that America is a sovereign nation that must act in a manner befitting its stature within the family of nations. Thus far, our leadership has behaved as if America is a banana republic ruled by a bunch of thugs.

The incessant promotion of the concept that America is involved in a WAR, instead of an act of TERRORISM carried out by a group of fanatical radicals, makes one wonder just what the end purpose of such a political position is.

It appears that no one in a position of authority in America is able to make the distinction between a sovereign nation and a group of individuals bent on carrying out sadistic acts. War is a condition that sovereign nations take against other sovereign nations. War is the final action taken when all other political actions have failed. War signals the end of all civilized discourse; it comes at a time when there is no other choice but to go to war and attempt to win on the battlefield that for which you could not negotiate. War requires a formal declaration by both countries. Once hostilities commence, international protocols are put in place that put constraints on the combatants. Failure to do so ensures that the countries that ignore the protocols will be held accountable by the international courts responsible for bringing charges against them. Only a sovereign nation can declare war against another sovereign nation.

In our country we have had the experience of carrying out armed conflicts against other sovereign nations - Korea and Vietnam. Congress could not vote to declare war due to internal opposition by the people. Our Presidents, therefore, received authority to carry out "POLICE ACTIONS". We saw the results of those unwise actions . . . instability in our country and youth fleeing the country in order to avoid serving. Worst of all, America suffered a stalemate in Korea and still has to maintain troops on the border between North and South Korea. We also suffered a humiliating defeat in Viet Nam. In both "Police Actions" we lost thousands of lives, humiliating massacres occurred and we as a country stooped to barbaric acts that resulted in the murder of hundreds of civilians, women and children.

Are we going to repeat the mistakes of the past? Do a handful of terrorists a nation make, or is there another secret agenda behind the obvious effort to generate hysteria through the media and cause the Congress to declare war?

There are options that haven't been discussed on how to response to individual acts of terrorism. Nations that harbor terrorists can be made to pay economic penalties or be ostracized from the family of nations. Their citizens could be excluded from the right to travel beyond their own borders.

We remind the President: "You have the opportunity to act PRESIDENTIAL, or you may continue on the path to being just another incompetent President . . . a mere blip in American History."

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