September 20, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Q-v0 gente, aquí estamos again! Aside from the head Cacique of the U.S. wanting to go to war with the whole Arab world, nothing very exciting has happened in our neck of the world. No se about the rest of you, but this Indio has had it with that Texas cowboy. You are not dealing with the old ranch en Tejas Señor Bush. You are representing all the country and not just the Texan cowboys down in the Pan Handle. Remember the Alamo Amigo! You lost that one to one very tough hombre by the name of General Santa Ana! And he did it with old style guns, baggy pajamas worn by the troops and one heck of a desire to preserve their country. USA lost that one!

Made a boo boo in last weeks Tezzy when I stated that Señor Phil Lopez, the misguided Union Rep, worked only 3 (three) hours per week as a teacher. We goofed! He actually works 14.80 hours per week as indicated in the Southwestern College faculty load report dated 08/30/02. This translated to the poor, over worked Professor, working 2.96 teaching hours per day! Not to shabby for a guy drawing down $82,876 per year from the taxpayers! And he still has the nerve to attack the salary of the Superintendent! Our facts on the Union Pres. Corina Soto still stand. She works 3 teaching hours per week! This poor underpaid Union worker is taking $84,468 dollars a year of the taxpayer’s money every year!

El Jefito has been busy this past week or so. Con the elections getting close, Candidate Jean Romero, San Ysidro School District met to discuss the election and issues facing the District. Trustee Romero is running for reelection to the San Ysidro Board of Trustees. Main concern is the lack of professionalism on the Board. A long meeting was held with Candidate Joshua Castro, who is running against Juan Vargas in the 79th Assembly District. He impressed us with his vigor and strong feelings against the incumbent whom he sees as being heavily subsidized by the corporate money lobbies.

The Fax and E-Mail campaigns are being waged furiously. But, el Jefito likes to look into the whites of their eyes before he supports any candidates and recommends them to our community. On tap to visit is Bryan Felber, who is in the race for the Board of Trustees for Sweetwater Union High Seat One. Interview held with Toby Mange, former Board Trustee of the San Ysidro School District. Candidate Mange wants another crack at the position after being absent for a while from the San Ysidro political scene

On tap to visit with Our Publisher, Daniel Muñoz Sr. is Mr. Tor Horst, Editor in Chief of the Haagache Courant, in The Hague, the sole daily newspaper in the seat of government of the Netherlands. The State Department’s International Visitor Program, Washington D.C arranged the visit. Mr. Horst has indicated a desire to evolve his publication from being a staid publication serving a homogeneous readership to a more representative news and information source. One third of The Hague’s population is “Allochtones” or Immigrants. Should be interesting.

Hijole! Who says that Chi-canos don’t eat fast foods? McDonald’s of San Ysidro, which is a franchise of S&C Ramirez Inc., came out #76 in the list of “Fastest-Growing 100 Hispanic owned business in the country. Raza de Sydro spent over $8 million dollars eating hamburgers at the Sydro McDonalds! Por eso están tan gorditos!!!

La gente do other things than eat. Coming in at 72nd on the list of the Fastest Growing 100 Hispanic Business was WR Chavez Construction Inc., from Poway. The company increased its income from $ 6.08 million in 1997 to $21.53 million dollars in 2001! Chavez Construction employees 400 plus persons! (Any of these live in Sydro?)

¿Quién dice that our gente only speaks en Español? The Department of Commerce reports that over 36% of our gente speak “Geek talk”! Eso es, that they talk Computers languaje! La gente becoming more and more computer literate. Even, este Indio, realized, early on, that we couldn’t continue to communicate with smoke signals or send our messages on stone stalas and hope to survive. That’s why El Jefito placed La Prensa on its own Web site when it first became commercially available. We knew that soon we would have Raza, world wide, reading La Prensa! Y así es!

Pos, el mes de la Herencia Hispana is passing on without much fanfare. The local fiestas were far and few. Schools did not celebrate our Hispanic Heritage as much as they had in the past. What there was appeared to be very subdued. El corazón de las Fiestas Patrias es la gente. This year la gente sat back and let the Beer companies take over. What happened to our pride and love de nuestra Herencia? El que tira su Herencia afuera pierde el amor de su vida. En mi corazón siempre está mi amor de La Patria.

Ciao Mi Gente
¡Que Viva México!

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