September 20, 2002

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Paco Gonzalez Cuts Two Ears in Tijuana

According to Tijuana correspondent Gary Sloan, the second half of the Tijuana season opened, Sept. 15, in “the beautiful bullring by the sea”, with a herd of Reyes Huerta presented to Eloy Cavazos, Miguel Espinosa “Armillita Hijo,” and Paco Gonzalez. The bulls were well presented.

With his first toro, “Tricolor,” at 520 kilos, Eloy gave us his usual lídia, not much in the first tercio, in which he allowed the bull to be over pic’ed. His third act was a faena light, as the bull had no gas. Eloy’s sword was a bajanazo, and it was over.

With his second toro, he did even less. Not much of an afternoon, this time, for the Maestro from Monterey.

I had really anticipated that Armillita Chico would just go through the motions, but no. With his first animal, “Independiente” (490 kilos), he didn’t do much with the capote. But, what a faena! Good on both sides, but really nice on the left, just like the old days. Trouble with the sword cost him any trophies, but he received a strong ovation. With his second bull, “Eminencia,” (505 kilos), he really had nothing to work with, so only “moments’ were accomplished.

With his first bull, “Siempre Si” (515 kilos), Paco Gonzalez gave us the best work of the afternoon. Strong with the capote, good Verónicas, rematado with a great media. The bull was strong to the horse, without being overpic’ed. The faena was like a breath of fresh air. Real good on both sides, but more so on the right. And, what a bull! After one pinchazo, then a full thrust, in which Paco was caught, and received a slight puntazo, and it was over. Two ears, and a slow dragout for the bull.

With his second toro, “Alfarero,” Paco had some good moments with the capote, but this bull ran completely out of gas, and there was no faena at all. Still this was a pretty good corrida, and had some fine moments. The crowd was a little weak, only about 7000, and in this plaza that looks small.

The next cartel is: Fernando Ochoa, José Maria Luevano, and “Jeronimo,” September the 29th.



Spanish ace José Tomas has announced that, following two afternoons for which he has contracted in La Plaza Mexico, he will hang up his swords. Thus, one of the Iberian Peninsula’s finest toreros will bid farewell to the rings.


It takes more than a broken rib and a pair of gorings to keep a good torero out of the arena. Spanish matador Padilla, who was injured, several days ago in Melilla, reappeared, this week, in Cádiz. He had also performed, Sept. 14 in Guadalajara (Spain).

Padilla plans to perform in Mexico, beginning in November.


Eulalio López “El Zotoluco” won‘t be facing any more Miura bulls, at least for a while. Arriving in Mexico City, Sept. 18, El Zotoluco announced that during the 2003 season in Spain, he will not be contracting to face Miura bulls.

El Zotoluco performed 17 times, this summer, in Spanish plazas de toros. In eight of them, he faced Miuras.

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