September 20, 2002


Time to Speak Out And Be Counted!

War is being promoted by the extreme Right Wing of the REPUBLICAN PARTY and our Washington delegation is silent! Our County is home to countless active duty Sailors and Marines, hundreds of thousands of retired veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Desert Storm, and the Middle Eastern military fiascos. Yet their silence is deafening. The Admirals and Generals are strangely silent. They who must lead the combatants into battle have nothing to say publicly! They know about the hundreds of thousand of young American warriors that will needlessly be murdered i.e. killed on fruitless, needless battles to satisfy the POLITICAL expediencies of incompetent political leaders.

The military leadership well knows that WARS are only fought when all political and diplomatic avenues have been exhausted. WAR comes into play only when the political leadership has failed to resolve their problems with other nation states. Launching military action is the last recourse! It never has been the first course of action that a nation takes.

Every class at Annapolis, the U.S. Army and Air force Academies embody those principles in their Cadets …their future Generals and Admirals. Yet the bastions of leadership are strangely silent as President Bush and his jingoistic madmen go throughout the country and abroad threatening the world.

We anxiously wait for our San Diego Republican and Democratic Delegations, to speak out! Many of them are seasoned veterans of past-misguided adventures of trying to solve political issues at the end of a gun barrel only to see them fail at extreme cost of American lives. Yet strangely Congressman Duncan Hunter and Randy Duke Cunningham the most experienced in combat are strangely silent. Are they fearful of speaking out? Did going to Congress make them forget their solemn bond to the hundreds of thousands of Marines, Naval Officers and Sailors that will be sacrificed at the altar of adventurism by a group of politicos who have never witnessed the horrors of war????

It is the time for our Military Leaders to speak out. It is time for our Elected Political Leaders to speak out. It is time that 360 million Americans speak out to stop this insanity that is being promoted by President Bush and his extremist band and give DIPLOMACY A CHANCE!

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