September 17, 2004

By Diana Gomez

What makes the difference………The difference between being poor or wealthy

On one of my trips to the south of Mexico, I listened to this short story:

A Papa was traveling with his son to the south of Mexico with the idea of showing him the difference between what a poor place looks like. They arrived to the poor places, they walked through the naked territory. They started walking, sight seen all those little villages of the unforgotten civilization.

On one of the villages they were welcomed, they stayed three days... on they way back to the city, Papa asked his son, about the difference of being wealthy and poor.

Looking back, the son pause and replied:

Papa: I noticed that we have one dog, and they have many dogs and other animals.

We have a swimming pool in the middle of the garden, and they have a river with running water with fish, flowers, plants and many wonderful fun places to swim.

That we have to buy electricity, buy lamps and batteries, but they have the stars and the moon

Our patio is fenced, and their patio goes to the horizon.

That we have to go to the supermarket to buy our food, and they plant, grow and harvest their food.

We listen to the CD’s, radio and television, and they listen to the birds, the grasshoppers, the wind, the frogs and other nature sounds.

We cooked in electric stoves, microwave ovens, and they cook with wood and their food tastes rich in flavor.

For protection we built fences with high walls and electricity; they have no walls, they are open to anybody and everybody is welcome.

We are connected to cellular phones, television, computers. They are connected to nature: the sun, the stars, the green hills, and many more magical sounds and in-visibles waves of energy,

The father was speechless, he was listening to his son completely astonishedl he couldn’t open his mouth.

Finally the son tells his Papa: “thank you very much for showing me, how poor we are”.

As you can see, this short story teaches us that we can see, perceive and create our surroundings with positive attitude. The difference relies on the attitude of the person.

As a human being you have been given the freedom of will, you have the power to choose which way you want to create your life, with a positive attitude or…do you want to keep on living suffering and creating a difficult, obscure live.

Life is abundant, we are all wealthy, we have it all. Abundance is within us, we only need to think correctly. Our judgment is a faculty in our minds that can be exercised in two ways. From the sense of spiritual perception and understanding. We are wealthy, prosperous, rich, safe, beautiful, etc. Our whole lives can be full of Joy.

On the contrary, there are four common error thoughts to which nearly everybody grants great power: sickness, pain, evil and fear. We have forgotten to feed our spirits; we are conditioned to live in a material world, we do not have a vision of goodness anymore. We live in a state or stress and fear.

I am inviting you to be in charge of your attitudes, to proclaim goodness in your life, you only need to be willing to change your attitude, start feeding your spirit. Your spirit need to be alive, spirit is life and it has a substance, it is the essence of which things are made. Create a new awareness, a spiritual consciousness.

Spiritual self-realization is the path we must follow, we need to tune into a new quantum leap. By the way there is a movie showing about leaps “What the B//Leep do we know?” Do not miss it, it will give a reality of our lives.

Hasta luego mis amigos, seguiremos buscando noti-cias y caminos que nos lleven al amor y a la abundancia que todos merecemos.

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